Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Favorite Thing: Bows!

Bows. I love bows. Lots of bows. Bows on bag. Bows on shoes. Fake bows as part of sweaters. Bows as a jewelry element. Bows on hats and bows as hats.

(Brooch to the right is ca. 1835 via The Victoria & Albert Museum)

Madmen Still

I have amassed, over the years quite a collection.

A set of inexpensive head bands from Claire's, all around $3.
I call this my tarantula hat, because I think the bits of fur on the bow makes it look like I wearing a tarantula on my head.

The bow ring is from H&M $5, the earrings I picked up from a thrift store a long long time ago.

Modcloth gloves from last winter, $52. I splurged because I loved them so much.

After much debate and a poll in my other blog I ended up with these cream stilettos from Macy's for around $75. The black ones are SoDanca's character shoes from my Ballroom dancing days, probably about $50 at the time (some 10 years ago). I added the bows and teakettle buttons using button thread and a hot glue gun.

You'll notice, my dears, I have not included the wonderful pussycat bow shirt, of which I am a particular fan. It gives one a lovely prim proper secretary feel and draws attention away from the bust a toward the face. I love it so much, in fact, and am collecting images for a bog devoted entirely to the pussycat bow. In the future, my dears, the future! For now, I shall merely end with with, the butt bow! (Pun intended.)


  1. The broach to the right is absolutely stunning. And I love every single pair of shoes in this post. Bows are so adorable and very versatile, ranging from cutesy to sophisticated. Love it!

  2. Eeks, we need to go shopping in Tokyo together! SO many of the nicest bows! Ah~ one day... one can dream, right? ;)

    But look what I found in a German jewellery store once:

    These look like they might be of interest to you. XD

  3. Eee, bows! I am a huge bow fan too. If I can have a bow on a dress somewhere I am a very happy girl. Also, being someone who loves putting things in her hair, I have a number of bows for that purpose. My favourite is a huge red bow I can clip above my ponytail. It also has a brooch clip on it too so I can pin it between my collar as well!

    I do like those gloves of yours.

  4. I must say, I am quite fond of that last article. Substituting the hat with one that I already have, it is very much my style.

  5. ughhh i love those gloves! and it's from modcloth no duh c:

  6. As a not so small lady, I've been hesitant to wear clothing with bows, afraid that it would call more attention to areas I would rather minimize. But as an accessory I love them, particularly shoes and vintage hats. Those modcloth gloves are great!

  7. Love the tarantula hat! My mom used to wear a less arachnid version of these to church when I was very little; at the time I didn't realize what amazing style she had.

  8. Love that black bag with the polka dots. So cute. And the pink hat.


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