Monday, August 8, 2011

WorldCon Retrospective: Royal Blue

I have waxed poetical in the past, Fashionable Reader, on the subject of my love of red, but I also adore royal blue. It's a way to wear a nice vibrant color without the aggression of red. I don't have as much of it as I would like, but I find myself wearing those pieces I do have quite often, indeed. This dress has been to many a convention, including BaltiCon and last year's WorldCon with me . . .

I purchased it from J.C. Penny several years ago for probably around $40 and the material (which has a very faint dot pattern) also has enough stretch to fit me in the chest. The cut is very retro and reminicient of the 1950s. Here is a similar cut dress for sale online.

I'm a fan of the nipped in waist and the nice round neckline. In the right length this is the kind fo dress that suits almost any figure and almost any body shape.

I tend to pair mine with bold white or more refined cream, because I think that gives royal blue a more vintage look. One of the great things about this dress is that the color and cut allow it to go from night to day or from summer to winter with relative impunity. For a summer picnic kind of look I'd pair it with bright white.

White patent belt, thrifted, $5; white sailor gloves, thrifted, $5
White patent headband, Claire's, $5; white straw & velvet trimmed vintage hat, Bon Marche Thrift store $7.
White earrings, It's a Wrap, Burbank, $3; white bead bauble, gift
White patent clutch, Ross $15; thin poly scarf, gift
White patent flats, Crossroads Haight Street, $15; patent pumps J.C. Penny $25.

Another wonderful thing is that this dress, like the black with red trim, is that it works with both heels and flats. Walking between my hotel and the convention center in Melbourne I was certainly very glad of that! For evening or a more formal event I might do accessories like theses.

Cream gloves, thrifted $5; cream texture mock snakeskin belt, Target $15.
Velvet cap, vintage?, Buffalo Exchange Haight Street $15; cream flower headband Claire's $5
 Fluffy caplet, fake fur, H&M $20
Vintage faux pearl and silver choker, inherited
Cream heels, Macy's $75; cream oxfords, Nordstrom's $50.

And here are cream accessories for a day to night slightly more casual autumnal look.

Cream jacket, Crossroads 9th & Irving SFl $20; vintage felt hat Bon Marche Thrift, $7

Via Spiga textured peep toes, $50 Nordstrom Rack; blue flats, thrifted $10

 Blue stone earrings, PantheaCon $15

Of course if you want to make this dress modern you could do it with some black tights and big chunky boots. Or even just pairing blue with black gives you a slightly more urban street look. And while this cut might not be all over the runways the color certainly is.

Lastly, a brief moment of . . . How would Alexia do it?

Stone storm necklace at jcrew; 1867 via The Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art


  1. Lady, you are Queen of the Thrift. I go thrifting and I find moth-eaten, stretched-out t-shirts. You go thrifting and you find gold. It must be a gift.

  2. royal blue is one of my favorite colors :-)

  3. I cannot believe the extent of your wardrobe, never mind the never ending selection of accessories to choose from for every outfit. One day you must post pictures of your closet(s).

  4. You must have one heck of an assortment of thrift shops, not to mention an eye for treasure. Is your closet transdimensional?

    That blue dress on the dress form, the last one labelled "various 1950s examples" - my mother had one very much like it, in red. There are photos of her wearing that dress, playing with me as a baby; I only know it was red because she still had it packed up some years later.

    Alas, it's long gone, but I always wanted a dress like that.

  5. The royal blue dress is lovely, and the accesories are impressive. Both in number and quality of match.

  6. Now Royal Blue is one color you posted I can do. Not as well as purple but I can pull it off.

    What magic do you use to get those thrift store finds? I can find my vintage glassware and purses at thrift stores, but never any nice jewelry or anything like that.

  7. Oh, I le-la-love the 50s style! Beautiful on pretty much every woman, and so chic.


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