Monday, September 26, 2011

FenCon Ivy Hat Contest

For your edification, some of the hats from the Ivy Hisselpenny hat contest.

Detail from the above Tea Party Garden Hat.

And this was the one I chose to win, it was just to very . . . Ivy.

Joe Dalek in the Ivy Hat


  1. There were definitely some very Ivy hats in the contest. I wish I had known about it...I would have entered!

  2. I don't know about #2 and #7 seem a bit more Madame Lefoux's style. All the rest are definitely Ivy worthy.

  3. I LOVE the one with the bird on it! And Joe Dalek looks so dashing in a hat.

  4. I agree that 2 and 7 don't look like something Ivy would wear. Not that they're not creative, they just seem more for a Lefoux-type, though to me, somehow just a touch too girly for her.

    I like the Tea Party one. Looks like something I would make as a centerpiece at an actual tea party.

    And Joe Dalek just looks MAAAAAAARRRRVEEELOUS darling!

  5. Grapes for the win! There really aren't enough fruit bedecked hats out there these days - I just finished covering a hat with an inordinate number of cherries, so I like to think I'm doing my part.


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