Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dallas in a Polka Dot Skirt

Polka dots, Fashionable Reader, I love them so! They came into my purview in the 1980s (for which they can not be blamed) and unlike most of the rest of that lamentable style time period, stayed around in affectionate dotty glory. If nothing else, there has at least always been a polka dot dress and a scarf in my wardrobe somewhere.

This a-line Max Studio skirt may be the bestest skirt evah. It's lined, an ideal length, the material is lovely and silky, it has three little buttons on the side, and the pattern is perfect. I bought it years ago from a thrift store and it is responsible for my love affair with the Max Studio brand that has stretched to every part of my wardrobe from rain cape, to cashmere sweater, to trousers, (Although, never shoes, Max Studio shoes are painful!)

For FenCon I paired this skirt with the following . . .

 Grape-like black dot earrings from Target, $5.
 Vintage purse, possibly one of the first pieces I ever owned. I've had it since I was about 8 years old. The clasp works and I love the size and shape, but the stiff handle can make it hard to pack and the zipper for the inside pocket is broken.
 Shiny oxfords from Marshalls. Recent score at $10 on clearance. Love them!
This faux velvet top started life as a kind of 1940s looking dress. I was never wearing it as a dress but I really needed a nice vintage looking black top, so I cut off the skirt and only use the top section. It makes for a cute top, if a little unfinished looking, and, of course it has such a deep V neckline I had to sew that up slightly as well, for Rack reasons.
Ash platform mules. I can't remember where I got them, probably Nordstrom Rack I get most of my shoes there, but they are remarkably comfortable. They are one of my standard summer sandals. And they look cute too!

Now, back to the polka dot skirt. Lots of options with such a skirt. Mostly I tend to pair it with black.

Alessandra Ambrosio Fall 2010

A beautiful vintage version . . .

Jacques Faith dress ca. 1953 via The Kyoto Costume Institute

Just whatever you do, don't wear your polka dots this way, please!

Marc Jacobs sweater 1985 via The Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Finally, a version for Alexia.

1880-1883 via The Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art


  1. Every time I see the words "polka dot" I think of this -

    I haven't worn polka dots in years. I suppose if I could find a nice blouse with small sized dots I probably would.

    I'm sad though, my favorite online vintage store, LA Vintage, has gone wholesale. (They were the only ones I found that had some nice plus size vintage and where I got my disco dress.) Now you have to pick samples on their website, then go to their warehouse, and they don't make any sales under $750! *sighs*

  2. Oh yeah, and I almost forgot, there's a rather cute lady wearing both polka dots and stripes over on Advanced Style.

  3. You were meticulously adorable ALL weekend! You rock the dot, Madam!

  4. I love it! I wish I had your talent for sewing. Where did you get that pen necklace? It reminds me of Christina Hendricks' character Joan from Mad Men.

  5. Thank you! The pen necklace came from a Mad Men knock off site, I think. It was a gift. I wear it to every event I do. So useful!


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