Monday, October 31, 2011

Not for the Rack: High Waists

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow I pick the winner of the bra that didn't fit me. Hope you will enter if you think it might fit you, because it's a cute bra.

And now, today is another blog concerning . . .

Bad for Boobs: High Waist Bottoms

I know it seems odd to talk about the bottom half when concerned with the top, but unless you have a very long torso and your large rack is not really all that large, you probably should avoid this look. I know, I know, the runways have been all over with those gorgeous wide leg, high waist jeans that just walked off the set of Dased and Confused.

I want them, I really do. And then I go try them on . . .

Dazed & Confused

 And I have to bitch slap myself with the proverbial, no, bad Gail! Because what do they make me look like? I mean really? A sort of strange alien creature that's all legs with boobs sitting right on top of the waistband like some sort of freak of nature lacking all internal organs.

Be brutal with yourselves, my dear well endowed readers. Take a step back from the mirror and a long hard look for this is not the style for you. It may be French chic or sailor sexy or 70's cool but on a girl with curves? You enter Mom jean territory really darn quickly.

This applies not only to pants but to skirts and dresses cut in the baby-doll style. Unless you want the illusion of no waist (for example you have a tummy to hide) this cut will only make the well endowed up top look dumpy. On the other hand if you are smaller on top? Go for it!

Vionnet 1938 and Claire McCardell 1956

And skirts too, I'm afraid.

This is also one of the many reasons I so rarely tuck in a blouse or shirt, it just poofs out over the waistband of my skirt and looks like my rack has fallen down to rest in the region of my bellybutton. So not flattering.

Cachotier 1951

And now an bra hunt update for my Fashionable Readers.

A recent purchase of the Anita Maternity Women's Softcup Nursing Bra was a tentative success. It's a little small for me at 32H (eep!) but comfortable enough to keep. It doesn't give me as good a vintage look as I had hoped, but it'll do for now. Oh, and it's hideous, like the white granny panty of bra-dom. Coincidentally, The Lingerie Addict tackled bras for the busty recently. As ever, they are either padded, don't come in my size, have visible seams, or have underwire ~ often all three, but some might be helpful for those of you less picky than self. What I wouldn't give for a pretty, well-fitted, seamless, wire-free t-shirt bra. Actually, what I would give ~ upwards on $100 at this point.


  1. I've been looking through the bras listed through the Lingerie Addict link, and all the ones I like are either not in my size or way too expensive.

    Why do so many have seams over the nipples?

  2. I wish I could wear the high waist style. I have a long torso, but, alas, a shaper or waist cincher of some sort is needed.

  3. I wear two maybe three, styles of bras, all from cacique thru Lane Bryant. One its a cotton style, wide elastic bottom, no underwires. It's my every day, doing stuff around bra. Then there is the balconette that has a fake underwire look, but fits just like it is one and is very comfortable and comes in lots and lots of colors, cotton and silky, and works great under t-shirts. Then there is the balconette with the underwire which I barely notice and use for special occasions. I take a DD and not only don't like underwires, but was advised by my dr not to wear them all the time because they tend to cause cysts in well endowed (Ok, he said big-boobed, knowing I wouldn't be offended) women. He was right. I quit wearing them and they went away. So now they are only for special occasions. I probably own over 30 bras, because i like to match them to my clothes. And I wouldn't spend the money if they weren't comfortable.

  4. Equally unflattering? The Air Force mess dress ( Picture is not me). Even as a young and slender 23-year old, a skirt, matching cummerbund, and ruffled shirt did not flatter!

  5. I have a big old classic Polycystic Ovary Syndrome belly so people are always putting me in those damn empire waist dresses. I hate them so much. With a burning passion. They claim they make me look thinner but to me I think I look like I'm 20 months pregnant.

    I would wear high waist jeans if I could find them in my size, however. But I NEVER tuck my shirt in. I'm too fat for that. So I doubt anyone would be able to tell. I'd just wear them because the higher the waist on my jeans, the more comfortable I feel. Also more secure that I'm properly covered/hidden.

  6. If you're willing to try nursing bras, I highly recommend any of them from Bravado. They're mostly wire-free, they're comfy as hell, and they fit my very generous 44F nursing chest. They come in lots and lots of different sizes, too, and since they're nursing bras, they're made to give a little in cup size, due to engorgement.


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