Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Not for the Rack: Sheer

Here we are, Fashionable Reader, Gail's number on biggest sin if you are biggest on the top.

Yes my dears, there it is . . . I shudder to even write it . . . whether unintentional or intentional . . .

Bad for the Boob: Sheer

See through. Light weight. Diaphanous. No matter what you call it. I call it bad. If you're well endowed it will emphasize the wrong area, no matter what.

And here is one last photo in which everything possible is wrong with the outfit. Absolutely everything.


  1. I know I'm not directly affected by the issue, but to me, I've always felt that most sheer pieces are not standalone items but rather layering pieces. The problem to me is more that people are wearing it alone. That doesn't go for every item, of course.

  2. Sheer is meant to be worn over a camisole or other piece like that. Not with just a bra. Any woman who wears it with just a bra is sending the wrong message no matter if she's busty or flat chested.

    Ladies, honestly, sheer without at least a camisole makes you look like a cheap hooker.

  3. I think sheer without something underneath is bad for any woman, well-endowed or not. But then, I'm not a big fan of seeing people's underclothes. I think the word "under" is in there for a reason.

  4. This is not a flattering look for anyone.

  5. Indeed. A tank top or camisole under sheer is a must. Full stop.

    I would also add that the same is true of sheer bottoms. If I can clearly make out the shape of your legs and the color of your panties, you're doing it wrong. Not that there's anything wrong with showing a little leg, but it should be because you actually ARE showing it, not because your dress is completely see-through.

  6. That's another one, FF.

    I don't know what it is with women now adays. They refuse to wear nylons even though going bare legged makes them look trashy. They won't wear camis or slips - unless that's ALL they're wearing. I was walking through the living room while a commercial for that Millionaire Matchmaker was on and she was telling one of the women to take off her pantyhose and "Never let me catch you wearing them ever again!" In a heartbeat the woman went from looking like marriage material to a hooker. And the MM is all about getting millionaires married.

    I've complained about this to other women and they usually tell me that I'm oppressed. They complain about religions that have restrictions on how women dress. Orthodox Judaism for instance says a woman needs to wear a loose, long skirt, nothing skin tight, and keep her arms covered to just past her elbows. Yet there's a lot to say for modesty. Any man might drool over the girl in the sheer clothing exposing her bra and thong, but unless he's a drug addicted poor white trash as seen on COPS type loser, he's going to marry the girl who wears nylons and a slip. Because the latter leaves something to the imagination, making her more exotic and exciting, and because she looks like she respects herself.

  7. Sheer with just a bra is bad. Sheer without a bra is even worse, and I've seen it all. I really, really hate sheer clothes for anybody.


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