Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring 2012 Fashion Trends #4 ~ Retro

 Odd, but there it is, Fashionable Reader. Here I prep this blog on how to do Spring Fashion Trends in a retro manner and one of the fashion trends is ladylike retro. It's all very circular and slightly surreal. So what I did for this post is select some of my favorite images and think more in terms of which ones will work with the rack, as well as give that retro look.

What I like about the above options is that all the tops show can be worn with a full coverage bra. Also, if you are top heavy, shorts with embellishments will pull the eye downwards. Although these woudl add a bit of volume I might go for sailor shorts with brass buttons or something made of lace, not ruffles. Darker colored cardigans slenderize slightly. And a full coverage bathing suit! (One of the very best things about this trend is its consequence in the bathing world. If you dread shopping for swim suits this is the season to do it.)

A word of caution on modern retro. They still use the same modern size models. So if you have a curvy figure, the clothing still won't fit properly unless it has a nice lot of stretch to it. You're better of going to vintage in the end, plus that way you get something unique.

Here's an excellent example of a Retro based add campaign. I like how the green one has some shape to the jacket (even if the model under it does not) but the yellow is far to boxy. I might take a cue from those lace collars, that would be an easy add on to any jacket and give a lovely vintage feel. One could even get a collar cheep from a thrift store on a different jacket and make the switch to a favorite blazers.

I've been seeing a number of Peter Pan collars about too, which are likewise easy to add to a favorite t-shirt.

Another quick mod take away from the season's retro looks is a belted blazer. It can make the jacket you already have quite retro looking in one easy step. At a broach to the collar or lapel and you're there.

I do love the full skirt print day dresses, knee length, also. They come off as so very lady like. Add a pop of contrasting color with shoes or belt to make it a little more modern looking. The great thing about a full skirt is it pairs well with both flats and pumps, unlike the pencil which really requires a stiletto.

 Kathryn Artz & red carpet red

If you prefer something shorter in the skirt there are ways to hark back to the 60s and still show a bit of leg with this style. Go for a mod look with a narrower but still full skirt (the tulip, for example) in a slightly stiff fabric, that can be quite retro but still quite short.

1962 Cristobal Balenciaga  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Separates, of course, can also be very retro. My favorite is always the pencil skirt and if you are heavy on the top it pays to invest in something with a little bling around the bottom. Draws attention to the legs (and, of course, shoes).

What I like about the above images is that the skirts (print in the first, lace in the second) draw the eye, not the tops. In both cases I might go with fitted knitwear or jersey instead of the white button down. The which button down and the rack are uneasy partners at best. I don't like the tomato shaped pink cardigan not flattering to curves, but the yellow pea coat look like it might have a bit of shape to it. And those white shoes are so adorable.

Of course, one of my favorite things about this trend is that it completely covers a girl up, from head to toe, and yet can still be both sexy and elegant. I love a look that doesn't show too much.

In the first I love the big black buttons, although it doesn't fit her over the rack quite properly.  Buttons are a great thing to switch, adding a contrasting color or metallic button can have a very retro effect on the plainest of cardigans. In the second I like the belted cardigan, a variation on the belted blazer I discussed above. And windowpane plaid, I do love the plaid.

The easiest way to go retro? Ultra ladylike accessories. Jason Wu for target did a great line but by the time I had gotten round to my nearest it was mostly sold out.

But you can find ladylike accessorizes all over the place, from your local thrift store to (these days) the Prada in Beverly Hills.

I suspect you, Fashionable Reader, are in no doubt that Retro is one Spring trend I am wholeheartedly in favor of!


  1. I absolutely love these retro spring trends. I like to have that ring and that cute sun glasses.

    Christina @ Cashmere Sport Jacket

  2. Those shoes in the second-to-last picture are great! I remember you made a post a while back about oxfords, I've been trying to find some ever since I read that, but I haven't had any luck yet...
    I'm also a fan of those knee-length full-skirt dresses, especially with the floral print ^_^


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