Monday, July 23, 2012

Comic Con Outfits ~ Night Two Black & Green

After a day spent in the cream, brown and blue dress, I changed into my black and green i.magnin for the Eisner Awards ceremony.

I paired it with black, as usual, for I still have not found the perfect green shoes, clutch, and gloves.

Proenza Schouler Tiki stingray clutch at

I'm looking, but that emerald green is scarce on the ground. I did, however pick up an adorable feather green and black headpiece at the Alameda Vintage Fair a few months back and with the addition of a broach to one side am rather pleased with the resulting look.

The necklace is hanging woonky, but its a lucite piece I found on my last trip to london at a little fleemarket near St. Charles. I'm not happy with my current earring options to go with so that might have to get added to the list.

 Hair Ornament  Mid-19th century  The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Back to the hair feather thingy. Above is a vintage look that kind of had the same feel to me. Almost cabaret, or something.

This black and green dress is a tulip style, which can be flawed as it often adds bulk to the hips. Since I'm top heavy I rather like this feature as I think it balances me out. It's better with heels though.

And for the characters?

Something for Sophronia in the Finishing School series. 

1850-1855 Evening Dress The Metropolitan Museum of Art

And this could be a drawing of her.

Toussaint Fernand-The_Green_Dress

Something for her friend Dimity, who is a bit more flashy and loves velvet.

1855-1857  The Victoria & Albert Museum

That's it for now! Still more Comic Con outfits to come.

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