Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lust Objects ~ Colorful Retro Shoes

Just a few shoes on my wish list inspired by colorful vintage looks.

 charlotte olympia lulu
Miz Mooz Fall Finley 
(I actually might have to buy these if they are comfortable. My old Miz Mooz red pumps are on their last legs.)

 Miz Mooz Fall Gwen
 Miz Mooz Fall Scarlette
 Miz Mooz Fall Percey
 Miz Mooz Fall Silas
Miz Mooz Fall Nash

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  1. Whilst I'm not really one to wear heels, I can't help liking those black and white spotted shoes with the little blackberries for a bow. Those are just so cute!

  2. I like the first pair but not fond of red. Now if they were purple and black.

    Love the last pair. Would like them in more of a royal blue, or of course, purple, or black.

    They say if you have fat ankles or feet you should never wear Mary Janes or anything with a strap across the foot or ankle. That doesn't stop me from loving Mary Janes, however.

  3. Heavens. I confess to liking the red and black suede, but I would never wear them. I'm afraid my favorites are the ones in the cute '60s mod ad. I'm anxiously waiting for low heels and flats to actually become fashionable again. Also, what's up with all the emphasis on feet? I thought shoes are supposed to make our feet look small and delicate, not big and clod-hopper-like. All I can attribute it to is shoe-makers endless need to sell us new stuff. But the bright side is that the aforementioned low heels are bound to come back eventually. Let's hear it for the Louis heel and the kitten heel!


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