Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hayward in Brown Gingham

So recently, Fashionable reader, there was a little gathering in Hayward at the Golden Tea Garden with members of The Book Shop round the corner. I chose one of the dresses I purchased for Comic Con but didn't end of wearing, a brown gingham.

As you can see, others were also dressed for the occasion. This dress is similar to my brown plaid, but different enough in cut and fabric that I decided it was worth having two dresses both in the same color pallet and check family.

One of my favorite things about this dress is the bow detail at the neck. You can't see it in the photo above because it was off the dress while I made some repairs. But trust me, it's cute.

Often vintage dresses have bow details at the waist.

Which I must say I also adore, but it's always fun to find a dress that has some kind of neck line interest, I feel it detracts from the Rack and draws the eyes up to the face.

Geoffrey Beene, 1960s  Augusta Auctions

This particular dress is back to my old standard of pencil dresses.

I like full skirt day dresses, and I wore many of them at Comic Con. The full skirt balances out my top half, and I think it looks better with flats than most other styles.

 Vintage and retro takes on the check skirt and top.

 Wallis in a day dress with blue accessories (so chic) and a retro take on a drop wasted day dress.

That said, and even knowing the practicality of a day dress, I have always preferred the pencil. Could be the sexy librarian aspect, could be that the day dress sometimes seems too sweet for my personality.

The pencil dress is more aggressive, more va va voom. I like to imagine that's more me.


I always try to wear pencil dresses with heels but my ankle is still not mended. (I hate being old!) So I am confined to flats. I am inordinately upset about this. I'm loosing the beautiful summer months and my lovely lovely collection of heeled sandals is languishing because of this stupid ankle. I might have to do a bit of an Ode to the Unworn post soon, just to stay sane. So for this tea, I had to wear my oxfords, again. Ho hum. I seem to be living in these shoes these days. Thank goodness I have six pairs, a color for every possible outfit.

Back to the tea. The company was charming, the tea admirable, and the food tasty. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I selected an English Breakfast, because I have no imagination when it comes to tea and every time I sally forth into another blend I'm disappointed. And of the nibbles the roast beef and horse radish was my favorite by far.

After chattering away about books and writing and such I signed really quickly and then scuttled off back into the night, or whatever.

Here,jsut for amusement sake is decorating with brown gingham. Not really to my taste, I'd rather wear it.

I often get questions about a modern take on my ultra-retro looks. If I were to modernize this dress I'd probably pair it with an off print, like argyle, or go tough with a black leather jacket and boots.

Lastly I leave you with a hat for Ivy, inspired by my seat mate at the tea.

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  1. I love a-line day dresses for all those reasons, but especially because of the sweetness factor. I like to think it provides an amusing and surprising contrast to the things that come out of my mouth.


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