Monday, August 27, 2012

Modcloth for the Rack

I don't normally shill, Fashionable Reader, but I do like Mocloth. I also think, in the main, they are overpriced. However, currently they are having a sale, so I'm lying up a little under the weather and thought I might poke about and pick a few Retro Rack favorites.

Bathing Suits

Why I like it: black and white check, bow detailing at the neckline brings attention up to the face, side rouching and linear seam detracts from chest size, halter top shows off shoulders.

Why I like it: just look at that color? So good. It's like a cocktail dress for the beach. Halter top shows of nice shoulders, rouching hides chub, long full front seam allows for larger bust.

 Why I like it: gingham, I do love gingham, halter top shows of nice shoulders, rouching hides chub, I'm a little concerned by the angled sides and the short front seam allowing enough room for the bust, but I might risk it for this suit.

Why I like it: red with white dots, so cute, seaming is very flattering, boy short bottoms are comfy (and require so much less shaving), nice thick supportive straps, white edge at neckline to draw attention upward to the face, very 1930s look.


Why I like it: dark black lace detailing at the neck drawing attention up to the face, higher neckline giving Rack lots of room, darker lace over the chest area with lighter blue and less lace down the bottom again dividing and drawing attention away, seams in the hips allowing for volume. Not in love with the cap sleeves, but . . .

Why I like it: black peter pan collar and cream color gives innocence to shorter skirt length, detailing at the neck drawing attention up to the face, higher neckline giving Rack lots of room. Wide belt and lots of picks over tummy to hide all sins, shorter length made sweet by blue ruffle.

Why I like it: cross front but not a warp, pegged high and enough to cover the Rack, very vintage and muted color pallet, design of dress nips in at lower ribs normally smallest part of the body so worth emphasizing, sash detail, nice full skirt not too long would look adorable with flats.

Why I like it: what you thought there wouldn't be a steampunk pick? And steampunk for a hot day? Practically impossible to find.


Why I like it: A-line is a practically perfect shape for anyone, adds volume to balance out the Rack but not too much to make a lady with hips too hippy. Teal is a nice unexpected choice, pair with a black top to keep attention down towards the legs, again, great with flats.

Why I like it: Such a cute pattern, I have thing for anything equestrian, a little fuller than an A-line but still not too much volume, and pockets, I love pockets!  Again a nice pattern draws attention down away from chest, pair with a brown top to keep attention towards the legs, again, great with flats.

Why I like it: a pencil skirt with a fish tail and in cherry red? What's not to like?


 Why I like it: Ladybug nail art, see Blameless.

Why I like it: The only top I chose, a pussy cat, not sheer, with half length sleeves. So flattering, slimming, feminine, and minimizing. Modcloth has it in other colors, but I like of like the turquoise.

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  1. Ack why did I not think to check for bathing suits! Must see if they still have Coney Island in my size.

  2. Thanks for these reviews. I like the Gilded Stage dress.


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