Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Vintage Swimwear

In many parts of the world I know it is now Fall, here in the Bay Area we've been having record highs and Summer seems to be making a come back. Those who can, hit the beach.

Something for Alexia.

Bathing Suit  late 1860s- early 1870s  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Not that Alexia would ever bathe in public!

Something for Prudence.

"Bathing-dresses in this country have a last attained to the decorum and suitability so long absent form them, though possessed by most other nations. We are more seldom appalled now-a-days by the spectacle of a group of women attired in a loose blue serge garment devoid of form or shape, and producing an effect upon which one should prefer not to dwell."
~ Lillias Campbell Davidson, 1889

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  1. I've been dying to get a few of the fabulous retro suits over at pinup girl clothing. Nothing beats the 1940's and 1950's cuts for reliable coverage, and clothing mishap prevention when frolicking in the surf. I went to their website this morning, though, it it's misbehaving.


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