Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Scary Indeed! Sins Against the Rack

Aside from crocks + socks and VPL, there is little in life I find more frightening than a mistreated Rack. Therefore, in honor of Halloween I present to you, Fashionable Reader, my most recent collection of Offenses Against the Well Endowed.

Take That Plunge

 In my experience, the Rack doesn't look like that, so I'm suggesting man made.

 Good plunge . . . bad plunge

 Good plunge . . . bad plunge

 Oh my goodness, not that plunge! (Although Rita's Rack looks real.)

Take That Plunge & Shove It!

Poor Christina.

But look how amazing she is with a good plunging neckline!

Lacey Issues

 Bad lace!

 Good lace!

That's Not Solid

 Perhaps you might consider wearing a bra?

 Nope, not like that either. How about a slip?

Oh, but you still need to put the dress on over it.

Good plan, opt for a material that ISN'T SEE THROUGH!

The Gap

 I love that bag, but just a couple stitches or a safety pin is all she needs.

Just Weird

 And just to show our own time period isn't immune, something from the 1890s. However, so far, no one in the Parasol Protectorate Abroad series has such bad taste as to wear this dress. Trust me, the nice stuff from 1895 is already bad enough!

1895  The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

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  1. On the last photo, I'm reminded of the poofy pirate shirt from Seinfeld. Perhaps it mated with the sort of skirting they used to put around kitchen sinks to hide the pipes and that gown was the unfortunate result.

  2. The last picture puts me in mind of one of those delightful predictions of the future as seen from the past. The silver poofy sleeves look like something the intrepid space traveler might wear in a distant future whose fashion sense was lamentably marooned in 1895.


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