Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fall Essentials ~ Retro Rack Style ~ Breast-Plate Necklace

Despite the unpleasant name the breast-plate necklace (sometimes confused with/also called the bib necklace) is rather a fun statement piece. However, you know me, I always think it's a good idea to pull attention up to the face and away from the Rack. Just please don't get one that actually rests on the breasts!

So, with the Rack, please be careful to make certain any necklace hangs a little higher up. The breast-plate being solid and heavy, should fall just below the collar bone (thus framing this unexpectedly sexy part of the body). One doesn't want it to go bobbing about on chest area with that bouncy indiscretion we all know and loathe. 

This is the one the blogosphere and magazines seem to be in love with. I'm not a huge fan.

I like something a little more refined.

Sliver graphic $267 and black & gold deco 250 euo

If you want ultra-bold I suggest sticking to one dominate color.

Or here's something a little more delicate.

Alternatively one can opt for something quirky, even possibly steampunk or DIY?

 DIY Doily (original no longer available from Etsy white owl)

 Forever 21 Peacock Plate Necklace, $8.80 in stores

There are some pretty outrageous options as well.

Octopus & pearls posted all over Facebook

How about real vintage?

Emerald Necklace  Christie’s

Yeah, I know, it's not like you can buy that one. I did run across this one, which kind of goes with my latest manga release.

Yeah, outside of my budget too.

But my very favorite is always that which harkens to Egypt and has a bit of deco.

If I were to invest in any of them, this little puppy is my absolute favorite!

And with that I leave you to decide for yourself.

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  1. I'm astonished that I actually love some of the budget choices. The raven black jet is stunning.

    1. It's kind of a fun challenge for me to find things that I think are reasonably priced but still tasteful.


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