Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fall Essentials ~ Retro Rack Style ~ Wine Lipstick

So another trend I've been seeing a lot of is dark lipstick, wines and plums.

You know, Fashionable Reader that I love me my red. It's just so very vintage. Wine can be vintage too, but I urge caution with dark lipsticks. They can be aging and harsh.

Ok, that's bondes, how about brunettes?

Now, if your are blessed enough to have a proper not-just-white -girl complexion? Oh I envy you, because you can rock this look!

But notice how each of the lovely ladies above has opted for a slight variation in shade to best compliment her skin? That, my dears, takes such skill.

You can never tell if it will work in the container, or even on the wrist. And, I'm learning the lippy shade doesn't work with every outfit nor will it necessarily suit long term. I've grown out of some lipsticks, and find others only work with certain dress colors. It's all so complicated!

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  1. How nice to be on trend! I just bought MAC Diva and a few glosses to go over it, and I'm loving the colors. Too intense for everyday wear, but very nice for evening.


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