Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fall Essentials ~ Retro Rack Style ~ Military Coats

If one is of the top heavy inclination one way to counteract all that, a hem, softness, is to lean toward military details. It adds some rough to, what I am prone to calling, my completely inability to cress-dress competently.

 The best thing about military is that it can be taken in all sorts of fun directions.


 As ever with the Rack I suggest single breasted, a long lean single line of metal buttons stretches the body, optically. Avoid the ones with pockets at the breasts if possible. If not, for the love, don't ever use those pockets. Shoulder details are good, if you don't have big shoulders already ~ draws the attention up and away. I like a long slim clean sleeve with a nice cuff, if possible, very elegant.


Similar rues as above, although adding a collar can be dun. Puffs at the shoulders have the same effect as other details, plus they are quite vintage looking. As ever I love a frock coat cut.

Modern Twist

This kind of coat allows one to have fun with proportions and contrast. If you are one for a retro-modern mixed look, having an ultra swing 1950s day dress for example, paired with a military cropped coat has a similar effect to pairing a floaty summer dress with a motorcycle jacket. Or a feminine flower print pencil dress with a long military coat over it is also good. Contrast can be really enjoyable to play with.

Above is an H&M jacket I've got my eye on. Hard to tell from online how it might fit the Rack, but I like the combination of color blocking and military details. I suppose it could just be a shirt and not a jacket at all. Either way, must give it a try on.

I like this last a lot, hard to tell if it would be cut to fit curves but I do like the longer in front than the back as it might allow for the extra lift to the front we all get with the Rack. And those sleeves are fabulous.

Something for Prudence to wear in the Parasol Protectorate Abroad

 1890s Velvet coat

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  1. I was thrilled to snag this coat at 50% off in black. Check out the back. Am now deciding how to dress it up a bit.

  2. I love the look of military trend stuff, but the neckline is cut so high usually. It just makes me look like this vast expanse of undelineated chest.

    1. And double-breasted is not always a good look if you're not slender. I'm looking forward to it getting cool enough for me to wear my new coat, though. And I'm thinking brass buttons, at the very least, will spiff it up.

    2. You know, I kind of adore the icy blue as well.


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