Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fall Essentials ~ Retro Rack Style ~ Steampunk Coats

I would be remiss, Fashionable Reader, if I didn't include a steampunk set amongst my coat picks for Fall 2012. Despite my natural inclination towards steampunk, I have actually noticed a few here and there on the runways and in the trends. Here is a selection I deem steampunk-ish, or steampunk-able, and also worthy of The Rack.

Steampunk Tweedy

 1940s Brown Tweed

I like the cluster button closure, lean spare front, nipped in slimming waist.

1975  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

 I like the high stance providing full coverage, double buttons, counter color collar bringing attention up to the face and patch pockets drawing attention away form problem area. Does look scratchy and may not have quite as much of a defined waist as I'd like.

Steampunk Equestrian

Steampunk Two Tone

 Steampunk Girly

Don't you just ove this one? From Modcloth

Something for the characters?

For Alexia

1888  The Chicago History Museum

For Ivy

1885 Dolman  The Los Angeles County Museum of Art

For Countess Nadasdy

1888  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

For Prudence

1890s  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

For Primrose
1895 Beautiful Red Jacket

And for the two friends to argue over:

 1890 Worth coat

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