Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Take My Poll?

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Anyway, I'd appreciate your thoughts.

2013 is looking to be a rough year and I'm going to have to dial back the blogging here. This is the blog I do for the joy of it and some snippy comments in older posts have also made me reluctant to continue. I started Retro Rack as a quest to inspire people who are curvy to dress up, but the blog has evolved from that initial premise. I still love taking a break from writing to play with pretty pictures, but it may become more work (and more hazard) than I had originally thought.

So please take a little time to do the poll and let me know which are your favorite bits so I know at least what to concentrate on. In order to help out, here are some links to the kinds of posts I mean by each option:

Which are your favorite Retro Rack posts?

Then & Now
Gail's Outfits
Seasonal Trends Translated
Sins Against the Rack
Lust Objects
Fashion History
Book Inspiration
Fashion How Toos
Retro Inspiration

Thank you, Fashionable Reader, for your time!

~ Miss Gail

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  1. Oh darling girl - I love your blog! It's something that I look forward to every day, whether or not you post something. Please do consider keeping it going. As you say, this is one you do for the love of it, not out of obligation. Even if you post once a month, don't desert us!

  2. I totally sympathize with the need to cut back (and, people have left snippy comments?! how could they??), but have enjoyed your fashion blog. Fashion for real people, instead of the usual magazine fare with stick-thin models - what a concept, and you've handled it beautifully! Whatever you do, your community and loyal fans will always support and thank you!

  3. I just discovered this blog and haven't seen everything, but have LOVED what I've seen. My favorites are your pictures of what Alexia and other characters would wear.

  4. I really tried not to pick all the choices, since you're trying to cut back!

  5. Hi!

    I really, really do love your blog. Absolutely adore it! I might not be the...er..."rack-iest" (a mere c-cup, I'm afraid) but this blog is still great inspiration for my hourglass-y shape.
    I picked only a few choices, but I wish I could have chosen them all. But that wouldn't really have helped you, would it?

    I have one question, though; what is your view on mandarin collars? Flattering or dreadful on an hourglass?

    1. Mandarin collars, I like them but I think they depend on the rest of the shirt/dress/coat. For example i have a black frock coat with a mandarin but it's of black leather so it does that "detail near the face" thing I am so fond of. i guess my concern woudl be over too much of an expanse of fabric with no interruption so if there were buttons or toggles interrupting the front it could work well.

    2. I completely understand a busy lady like you needs to cut back the work required to run such an excellent blog as this but please don't do it because of "snippy" comments, remember they are the minority, small in number and mind. I'm afraid I was not very much help on your poll as I ticked all the options! I raise my blue willow patterned tea-cup and salute you!

  6. I love your blog. I love everything about it so can not choose one above another! The pretty pictures are fantastic & who could leave snippy comments?

  7. This blog is wonderful, lots of pretty frocks, ideas. I don't have a rack at all (boy, ... ish) but i do look forward to the updates here.

  8. I so enjoy your blog and have a family of curvy girls. Just ignore the snips, too,too tacky and keep writing for those who love your blog. I'll read anything and as much as you care to write, or as often!

  9. As someone who is quite...well endowed as well, I appreciate your posts and love looking through your stuff here to give me some inspiration. I'm beginning to realise that I can, in fact, look good, in spite of the fact I've got these two bazookas with me.
    That being said, that's cool, whatever works best for you. I read your novels as well as follow you on LJ, so I won't personally be out in the cold, Gail-writing-wise. Just keep yourself happy and healthy, and I shall be happy for you XD.
    Thanks, Gail! You're an inspiration.


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