Thursday, December 6, 2012

Fall Essentials ~ The Rack Says No Animal Sweater

There are a few trends this Fall that I just can't condone. The animal image sweater is one of them.

Don't get me wrong, I love a cute penguin as much as the next person, just not one scrawled across my chest. If you're 8 sure, rock this look, but if your 36 DD? Uh uh.

The image, generally draws attention to exactly the wrong area and traditionally this sweater type is rather baggy and of a very un-retro length. If you are lovely and slim and into being extremely quirky there is chance you can carry this off. Just be careful.

Fun quirky take from Rachel the Hat, a modern street look, and one from J crew.

Rachel, above, has a great fashion blog with fab ideas on how to quirk up vintage frocks, but note she's a slender little thing. Also she's opted for a lighter knit and tucked hers in to a skate skirt. You really don't want to see what I look like with a shirt tucked into a skate skirt! Bag lady on ice comes to mind. The alternative is to go all out trendy with some skinnys and a untucked men's shirt for an androgynous look. Needless to say, those of us with ultra curves can't carry off androgynous either.

I simply have a feeling that animal sweaters is the kind of trend people get excited over but which will suddenly be totally gauche in a month or two. Frankly, not worth the money and not for the Rack.

If you absolutely must jump on this bandwagon for the holidays, because it's just so festive, please choose a vintage option with hem and neck decoration, rather than one with the image scrawled on the chest?

At least that way attention is diverted. Me, I'm sticking with more classic printed t-shirt takes. I just invested in this t-shirt for bumming around the house.

Why does it work on the Rack? The image is spread out and not just over the chest, the two tones of grey mean it's a rather subtle design, the dolmen sleaves and v-neck are flattering on the larger bust (and cover upper arms). Beware, they do run a size small. I ususaly were a medium top and I fit the large perfectly.

I know, right, you all thought I spent all day long swanning about in vintage pencil skirts and silk blouses. The secret is out, even Gail wears a t-shirt on occasion. Don't tell I usual pair it with yoga pants for long sessions of writing. Speaking of which . . .

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