Friday, December 7, 2012

Fall Essentials ~ Retro Rack Style ~ Burgundy

I am in no doubt, Fashionable Reader, that you have noticed the prevalence of burgundy all over the place these days. It is the color of the season. I tend to associate it with being a Goth, some of my friends in high school would only wear black or burgundy. It's sister color, oxblood has also been everywhere.

 Burgundy and black Goth from Facebook

What's the difference? Not a whole lot. Burgundy is usually darker and more wine in tone, AKA is has a pink or rose base. Oxblood is more reddish and a little lighter, AKA it has an orange or a brown base. There's also Maroon and Bordeaux but call it what you like, just make sure it works with your coloring. As with lippy, I suggest choosing a shade that best compliments your complexion. For the purposes of this post I'm going to refer to them all as burgundy.

I've been seeing a lot of head-to-toe burgundy in the fashion blogs.

 Source for skirt and top; source for suit

If you like this idea I'd suggest opting for a nice burgundy frock and then doing all black accessories. I'm just not convinced totally matchy-matchy works with such an intense color. Here's a few dresses I like that I think would work with The Rack.

M & Guia vine lace dress at and Mesh Sided Burgundy Dress $31

I'd pair the lace one with opaque black tights and flat black riding boots and the mesh side with black lace tights and heeled oxford booties.

Lace tights Jessica Simpson from Nordsrom (similar here) & my booties from Height (similar here)

Here's Queen Dita rocking a retro version of the burgundy dress.

Some lovely Rack friendly dress options.

 1940's velvet from pinterest and 1950s Retro Style Party Dress

Alternatively to a dress, one can go for the coat as the burgundy component.

1949 Evening Coat Charles James The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Some Rack friendly coats.

 Modcloth puff sleeve and big buttons and another modcloth tie waist

I love the idea of pairing a cream or blush dress with burgundy coat or velvet blazer and black opaque tights for the holidays. So chic!

 Blush dress from Nordstrom Rack $36, and wine velvet top from It's a Wrap in LA, $50.

That said, my personal preference, since I can't shake the Goth association, is to do this color in accessories. It's much less of a monetary outlay for a trend, and accessories are an easier way to get on any band wagon without going all the way in.

I love my H&M dotted burgundy tights so much I bought two pairs. H&M doesn't have them anymore but here are some basic onces from Hue.

 Burgundy accessories around the blog-o-sphere

For example some amazing burgundy shoes.

Awesome steampunk pumps, and they come in bootie form

 Some belts.

From a bus stop add

Burgundy for the characters!

For Sophronia in the Finishing School series

1855-1865 Afternoon Dress  The Mint Museum

For Mrs. Loontwill in the Parasol Protectorate series

1875-1880 Promenade Ensemble Augusta Auctions

For Primrose in Parasol Protectorate Abroad series

 1889  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

1889 Evening Hat  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Elizabeth Hodes Custom Cakes and Sugar Art 

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  1. I love both oxblood and burgundy. Those oxblood loafers should come and live in my closet :)


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