Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Fall Essentials ~ Retro Rack Style ~ Ladylike Leather

This is one I've been noticing a lot of, Fashionable Reader, but that my fellow fashion bloggers don't seem to have jumped on. I rather like the idea of a lady liek leather dress, although finDing one that fits the Rack?

I suppose if Christina can do it so can I.

The dresses seem to take two forms, girly with fitted tops and swingy skirts, a little like a day dress or more streamlined as a pencil or sheath dress. Of the two I think the girly one comes off as more modern, the pencil can lean into the 80s easily.

I tend to like this cut because I feel I can wear it with flat riding boots and patterned tights just as easily as pumps, so it feels more versatile, where as I tend to feel pencil skirts go best with heels.

Of course the outlay for a leather dress is pretty steep, although I've seen some faux that coudl be good in the High Street shops.

The cool thing about elather is that it can be thrifted long and then cut to length with no need to sew a hem.

The other option with the lady like leather edgy look is to opt for something that combines leather and fabric.

Although, for the sake of cleaning, I encourage you to go for things that aren't actually leather by only leather-look. There's a lot of halvesies out there, with leather on top fabric on the bottom or visa versa.

With the Rack, I'd opt for a stretchy tight top and a full leather bottom. The stretch has enough roomy give for a top heavy lady and the thicker fabric and fuller skirt balance out the Rack.

That said my personal preference is for subtle little details of leather. A bit at the hem, neckline, shoulders or so forth. My investment winter coat has a leather mandarin collar and leather hem.

Alexander Wang; Ralph Lauren via nymag.com

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