Thursday, February 14, 2013

Selling the Timeless Dress

Fashionable Reader,

I am selling my 1930s fuchsia maxi dress with matching hat that I wore for the Goodbye Parasol Protectorate Tea. It's up on ebay for $50 (which is a deal as I bought it for S60 or so, plus another S20 for the hat, and I only wore it once before dry cleaning.)

 It's made of taffeta with typical 1930s bias cut.

 Both 1930s via Timeless Vixen Vintage

1930s  Whitaker Auctions;  1930s  The Frock

This style of dress always has a bit of a night gown feel to me, and this one has amazing movement. It was fun to wear striding about the stage. Unfortunately, I had to admit to myself that my Rack is too big for it, and I won't wear it because I am self conscious.

 Nightgown  1946-1948  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

It a beautiful color kind of like fuchsia meets antique rose.

 Evening Dress 1953-1954  The Victoria & Albert Museum; Roberto Cavalli silk-jersey gown

My dress has this lovely split back just high enough so as not to show the bra. It's a detail I particularly love.

There is a short attached sash that ties behind and puffed sleeves. It also has the matching hat which is velvet with a satin ribbon.

I am 5"6' and the length of the skirt is perfect on me with heels. However, I'm top heavy (6-8 top size, 30H bra but 2-6 pant size) and I think this dress would better suit soemone with the reverse body type: smaller chest, larger hips. Rib gerth is a little narrow.

The dress in great condition a few minor stains and signs of age, but for the 1930's it seems it was rarely worn.

Anyway there it is. Bid if you so desire.


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