Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Steampunk Daily Wear

I don't consider myself a steampunk life-stylist. I simply couldn't commit to any one style of clothing for that long, Fashionable Reader. I do have color constants in my closet, and certainly some marked leanings (retro, rockabilly, rock, Goth, steampunk, tweedy, equestrian) but I refuse to settle entirely into anything specific. Except, of course, for events.

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All that said, I do think working a touch of steampunk into my daily wear can be really fun. And here are some inspirational images from the past and present in how to do exactly that. I hope you enjoy them.

Inspiration from History

 1888 Trouser Suit from the Museum at Fit; 1893-1898 Gym Suit The Metropolitan Museum of Art

 1955 Givenchy suit via The Victoria & Albert Museum; 1969 Bonnie Cashin The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Industrial Modern Influence

 M31 Philip Lim Fall 2013; Aug Marie Claire

 Clockwork Couture old photo; Prabal Gurung Fall 2013

 J. Mendel Fall 2013

Steampunk Goes to the Office

 Rachel Zoe Fall 2013

 Zac Posen Fall 2013

Street Shot (I love this one, it's a great way to steampunk/size down a larger skirt) and Saint Laurent Spring 2013

Equestrian Influence Tweedy Goodness

Ralph Lauren Fall 2013

 Zac Posen Fall 2013; Ralph Lauren Fall 2013

  Zac Posen Fall 2013; jacket from jcrew.com

Knitted Hat (from a local shop window)

Retro Rack is also on facebook where I post additional images and fashion thoughts.

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  1. I was really excited when a couple of stores I frequent brought out some pseudo-steampunk everyday clothes a year or so ago. They're mostly jackets, jumpers and tunic dresses with brass buttons, but I love the feeling of having a little bit of steampunk in my everday wear (I also couldn't commit to just one style, though I am heavily influenced by retro and preppy styles).


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