Thursday, May 2, 2013

Gail's Daily Dose of Steampunk ~ Clothing

You may be shocked to learn, Fashionable Read, that I do not wear Retro Dresses or Steampunk Costumes every single day. But I do like to wear steampunk touches most of the time. This involves a number of jewelry pieces and some clothing which isn't technically steampunk, but sure looks that way if worn with the right accessories.

Here's a selection from my wardrobe for you to peruse.

This is a sheer shirt, but stretchy enough to fit the Rack. I wear it over a nude or a dark tank, or under various dresses for that hint of high neck Victorian. I got it from Ross ages ago for about $15. The color is actually good, darker than my skin tone but not so dark it washes me out. Mushroom, I'd call it. This has become a staple of my wardrobe.

Even more casual is this steampunk t-shirt. I usually avoid graphic ts, I just don't want people coming up and staring at that particular area. But who can resist GIR + steampunk? Not me. I jumped on it the moment it hit Hot Topic (the market on Invader Zim product) it's sold out now, I'm afraid.

 Pussy cat bow shirt, 1970s, from a thrift store up in Sebastapol $20. It's very versitile, and again I often wear it under a vest or gothy dress to add that prissy Victorian touch. It's warm though.

BCBG vest, from an outlet mall. I paid good money for this, probably about $50, and I don't wear it enough. At conventions I'm usually in corsets that I don't want to cover with a vest, and without a corset the chest area is VERY tight. I usually leave the top button undone, which means people are always telling me to button it (it doesn't without a corset, what can I say?). All that said, it is so darn cute I haven't mustered up the courage to get rid of it. It looks particularly adorable with these jodhpurs.

They have a nice high waist and fit beautifully. I also have a black pair, but they don't photo well. They are laced up the side of the hem via six grommets each leg. Cute and practical. I like them because they look very vintage riding but timeless that way ~ could be 1920s, could be 1970s...

Check leggins from H&M, $40. No longer available but H&M often has a bit of an equestrian thing going. I fit their bottoms (not their tops). These have faux pocket flaps (grumble, why faux?) and no back pockets at all (thong only, ladies) and they are leggings, which I usually avoid. But they are a good thick fabric and I wear them tucked into boots for a great travel outfit. I never wear leggings or skinnys with anything but boots, I look too top heavy.

 Tweed pencil skirt (Marshalls $40); plaid fish tail pencil skirt (BCBG $50)

Wool kick pleat pencil skirt, with added buttons down front, thrifted $5

Pencil skirts aren't particularly steampunk but worn with a vest or a Victorian blouse and the right jewelry and they can work. Same with dresses. Here I am steampunking up this plaid pencil number.

I have two jackets that I work for steampunk back and forth, but I mainly rely on the black one. I gave away the leather one I'm wearing in the above shot. I do that often when I think someone else will get greater use out of a piece of clothing than I.

 From Nordstrom Rack $35. This is the jacket that needed pockets, so I used the left over from making my parasol holster for one on the iside. It's quite light weight with is good for conventions but not for travel. The buttons are faux, and it zippers up the front, perfect for the Rack. It has almost a formal military look when on, which I love because it can act the roll of a blazer for office-type situations.

Speaking of blazers is is a wool tweed United Colors coat I bought from a thrift store for $50. Yeah, they knew what they had. It fits well, even over the Rack, and is quite warm. I wish it were a little less basic.

Retro Rack is also on facebook where I post additional images and fashion thoughts.

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  1. I can't believe I missed out of the Steakpunk + CIR t-shirt. I PA for the Invader Zim voice actors when they are in Houston and this would have been perfect to wear at the con. Oh fizzle-sticks!


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