Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Iridescent in Santa Clara ~ Nova Albion Steampunk Convention

For my last costume at Nova Albion I wore what I like to call my Fancy Outfit.

 At Nova Albion modified; outfit in full at Reno World Con

Jude of Borderlands Books very kindly took that first photo of me at the event. I'm afraid the light in the Vendor Hall was not all that good so I included a shot of the outfit from Reno a few years ago. The corset (Dark Garden Alysia in Custom Fabric with matched Ruby Blackbird busk buttons ~ I lost one, ARGH!) and skirts are of an iridescent changeable taffeta going from a kind of silver violet to raspberry. As you can see, I left off the long underskirt and just wore the over skirt with a cream teared petticoat (made of bed ruffles). I wanted a more casual daytime look, I usually wear the full taffeta for evening. For day, I also added the pocket belt.

Showing off the patchwork boots. The top, under the corset, is the blouse that I only mildly successfully tea dyed. I'm looking to replace it eventually but I need to find something like it with the high back neck as it has to work with the straps of this corset. (I talk a great deal more about the design and the construction of this particular fancy outfit in one of my What's on the Dummy Posts.)

Here's my friend Christiana (visiting from overseas) gussied-up in some of my steampunk extras and the bottom part of this outfit. Isn't she cute? Never been to a steampunk convention before and just threw herself right in.

I paired the fancy outfit with the following accessories:

 Jellyfish bracelet, gift from a friend.

 Tiny bottle earrings, purchased a few years ago at a steampunk convention $25

Lace choker necklace with parasol charm, gift from a reader

While milling around the dealers room I also met and fell in love with these hand made glass tentacle earrings. They perfectly matched my dress!

I love them to death but sadly they are too heavy, so I can't wear them for long. I may have to evolve them into something else, dress clips perhaps? So what was I to do but buy another pair of earrings instead?

 Ruby Blackbird Handmade Bow Earrings $32

Then then I spotted this sparkle...

Belt bracelet for $52

I am weak in the face of cute jewelry.

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  1. I love the tentacle part of those earrings, and the post part is nice as well, but the way the two are connected doesn't do the rest any justice :/


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