Monday, August 12, 2013

6 Styling the Rack Thoughts ~ Wendy Williams

Occasionally, when I am sad and sick and lounging on the couch I catch a bit of daytime TV. The Wendy Williams show supports only the best kind of trash, but more interesting to me is the fact that she is a full figured woman. She's a great deal taller than me but she sure has a Rack to be proud of and I thought I might investigate how she (or her stylist) handles such tracks of land. Perhaps there is wisdom to be found there for all of us well endowed?

1. Wrap It Up

Wendy loves her a wrap dress or shirt. I totally support this, for most of them have sleeves and a nice v-neckline, add a little stretch and thus they can accommodate a range of Rack. However, her's are clearly tailored to stay in place. I'd say they are either sewn closed at the neckline point where they cross, or in some cases possibly pinned to her bra underneath. She obviously invests in serious foundation garments, custom made bras/corset, and takes advantage of this fact to hold her clothing in proper place. A nice lace-top camisole under a wrap dress is imperative if one doesn't have the time or the tailor for this kind of attention to detail.

2. Drape Over It

One of the things I love about this kind of thing is it screams expensive. But it is hard to find in a dress that is stretchy enough to fit. I suspect these gowns of being entirely custom to her figure. As these things go, although I generally prefer and pencil and tailoring, it's interesting to see that the less fitted dresses, on the right, appear to be more flattering.

3. Belt Under It

Like me, Wendy has a small waist to go with the large Rack. The danger is that with a belt emphasizing the waist, the Rack can look even bigger. This happens to me particularly when I wear a waist cinch corset. In the first image the slightly blowsy top seems to have a minimizing effect, I have not found this to always be the case but perhaps I should investigate further?

4. Add A Cardy

I do love the cropped fitted cardy with a pancil skirt look, it's very vintage in feel. Wendy also seems to go rather matchy, adding a further retro aspect, despite her love of modern make up and hair. My guess it that those first two button front ones are sewn closed, because of the complete lack of gaping. I've been tempted to do this before. Note that she always takes care of where her tops fall, keeping them well above the hips, a generally more flattering approach.

5. Tuck in the Blouse

This woman loves her pencil skirts, which I more than understand. She always seems to tuck in, a thing I admit I am loathe to do. But it does work. I'd guess her blouses are tailored in at the waist slightly, so they don't puff out too much? And they must be either tucked into her nylons (spanks, controls or whatever) or pinned down so they do not shift. Of the four above, the last one does not sit at her natural waist and is thus less flattering although also the most boob minimizing. As you probably know, I like this look a lot. Although, like Wendy, I am most often to be found in a dress, because it's easier to put together quickly.

6. Flaunt It

I like the cut of the black dress. The full skirt balances out her Rack, but does it feel a bit young? The top is fitted well and she's either wearing a corset underneath for added support or that bodice is fully boned. The other dress is a bit too much for me, but I suppose there is the old "if you've got it, flaunt it."

Pencil dresses, I'm a big fan. These are very body-con, and again I am very taken with her amazing undergarments. I want to know where she shops for those supportive seamless wonders!


I included this one mainly because it's basically a street look.

And another curvy diva in a truly divine dress.

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