Friday, August 9, 2013

Style Lust: Bow Jewelry

Perhaps I'm just too much of a girly girl, Fashionable Reader. But I sure do love bows.

Historical Bows

1810 Brooch and Earrings  early 19th century  Sotheby’s

1850 Choker  mid-19th century  Christie’s
1850s Necklace  Christie’s

1860s Devant de Corsage   Christie’s

1880 Devant-de-Corsage  late 18th century  Sotheby’s

1900  Sotheby’s

1900s Devant-de-Corsage  Sotheby’s
1905  Christie’s

1905  Sotheby’s

1905 Drecier,  Christie’s

1905 Tiara Bonham’s

1911 Necklace  Cartier  Christie’s

1918 Devant de Corsage  Cartier  Christie’s

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  1. I'm not much for ribbon-type bows, but jewelry, in metal and stones? Oh, yes, please!

  2. Those Octopus earrings are so cute!

    I hate to think of how pricy some of that jewelry now is.

    Oddly enough, the "1918 Devant de Corsage Cartier Christie’s" strongly reminds me of the sculpture "Maman", which I'm reasonably certain was not its intention (see


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