Sunday, September 8, 2013

Checked Pedal Pushers in San Antonio, WorldCon Outfit Report: Day 1

So for the evening of the first day I slipped into my new much loved checked pedal pushers. I know, I have ranted about the cropped trouser in the past, but from the moment I saw these puppies, I wanted them.

Most unfortunately this is the only photo I have of me in them! And no shoes. Why do people ALWAYS CUT OFF THE SHOES? I put so much work into my shoes. Not to mention the fact that airline weight limits means I have to carry on half of them. And then, in photos, it's like I have no feet at all. I just hover about, and so does everyone else. My own darn fault, I suppose, I do try to remember to get an outfit shot taken, and I always try to remind the photographer of the shoes. Anyway, I was wearing cute red ones, and you'll have to take my word for it.


I saw this add for these Guess pedal pushers and instantly went out to buy them. I haunted online and local retail stores for a year . . . nothing. I saw them pop up in blogs, but they seemed impossible to buy.


So I gave up hope. It's against my nature to buy cropped pants anyway. Even if they are gingham, black and white, retro-inspired and adorable.

1950s gingham cropped pant, image source lost in mists of time
And then I was idly skimming the junior pants at T.J. Max ~ I know. (You see I really need new travel trousers right now, but that's a different, as yet unfulfilled quest.) And there they were! My gingham beauties! In various sizes! And they fit! I was over the moon. So they came home with me.

You see, I knew they would be good for both retro and modern looks, here's the prof:

Vintage take:


Bold check version

Leopard version

vintage pattern

Retro take:

Blue Pedal Pusher Cuffed Pants - S - 2X $46

Fashion, Trends & More

Painfully Hip


Modern take:


Capri Paris


Idea Board

I look forward to wearing them a greta deal in the future. And you know what else they are greta for, Fashionable Reader, bike riding. Fancy that.

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