Saturday, September 21, 2013

Gail's Top 12 Fashion Picks for Fall 2013

It started to rain this morning, Fashionable Reader, for me this marks the beginning of fall. My part of California really only has two seasons, raining and not raining. I did have a bit of a panic as I'd left the skylight of my office open, which happens to be directly over my desk. Please don't worry, no computers were harmed, but I may have to buy yet another remote keyboard set up and replacement hub.  Frankly it could be a lot worse. But you didn't come here to hear about writing woes, you came for Fall Fashion!

Occasionally, Fashionable Reader, I pay attention to the runways. Generally only when they showcase vintage. Here are my top 12 for Fall 2013. Mind you, I can't afford to buy any of it, but that doesn't mean I can't be inspired. So I've noted what I like about each runway, and how I might adapt it to my existing closet.

1. Alice + Olivia

Cropped pants I feel they are OK if styled quite retro. I'll be going with that crisp black and white Paris chic look and trying it with a pop of color from the bag and shoes. I plan to wear my checked pedal pushers through the winter.

As to the cute little drop wasted pleat skirt tennis outfit with cherry red accessories it reminds me a little of this outfit I wore to Comic Con:

2. Bottega Veneta

 Pre-Fall 2013
Slim stunning simple pencil dress in winter white with 1940s length and sharp shoulders. I'm going to try some monochromatic white, it's risky when you're as clumsy and curvy as me, but I do like it so much. My approach will be slightly more Grecian than this one, simply because that's the white dress I already have in my closet.

3. Carolina Herrera


Love the maxi skirt paired with a little fuzzy sweater (perhaps not fuzzy for the Rack). I think this is a fun style to explore. I'm thinking I have a black maxi-skirt that would pair beautifully with my fancy cream cardy for an elegant winter evening.  I could wear now if only someone would host an appropriate event... Oh for the days of fancy dress gallery openings and symphonies. I also have a comfy cotton maxi I could pair with a fuzzy grey sweater for a more casual warm look.

4. Douglas Hannant

Girly shirt and pencil skirt, you know I love it, but I don't like the uncoordinated accessories. I'm more likely to pick two complementary colors. I have a blue pencil I'll try with that same fuzzy grey sweater grey tights and court shoes.

5. Gucci


I do love the long gloves with the three quarter or half sleeve. Although sometimes it makes the gloves hard to get off.  The pleated top pencil skirt isn't for everyone, although it can work to hid a tummy, but it is very vintage looking. I'm still working on the long gloves short sleeves thing.

6. J. Crew


Meh to the baseball hat, never a good plan. But the full skirt is cute. I keep forgetting that I have one, because it's part of a two piece suit set, but I'm going to try to remember to wear it more.

7. Lela Rose

Pre-Fall 2013

I really love this dress, the darker detail is in the most flattering location for a fuller bust, I even like the full pleat A-line skirt. Plus I love the colors and that is it shown with flats. I have a white dress of a similar shape that I might pair with a vest to try for a similar look. I covet a pair of those flats.

8. Nina Ricci

All white looks from Nina, I love them both, and I adore the play on proportions. Of course the second look is way more my style. As with the other monochromatic winter white option, I'm thinking about it, but not sure I can really carry it off.

9. Louis Vuitton

Again a cute waist-length scoop-neck knit top, pretty pencils skirt, and fuzzy bag? I'm not a fan of ankle strap shoes (I think they optically shorten my legs) but in my book, that's the only thing wrong with this look. I would wear it right off that runway. In a real girl size, of course. I'm going to emulate it with my favorite polka-dot A-line pale yellow with black dots and either a little teal or red sweater.

10 Temperley London

Again with the little knit fuzzy top or the pussy cat bow, very feminine details throughout, including my favorite, the peep-toe heel. My black A-line is retired due to massive repairs, but I have the wool trumpet that might work and I'll pair it with a pussy cat blouse.

11. Valentin Yudashkin

Pussy cat bow, tailored red shorts, and a shrunken blazer. I would sub out the shorts for my red leather pencil skirt but I could do this easily. In fact, I may at my next event.

12. Oscar de La Renta

Two kinds of plaid? Soft dove greys. Sign me up. I don't have a grey plaid dress but I do have a skirt and a teal sweater that would look so cute together. As for the other I have a few flowered day dresses I realized recently I don't have any pointy toed heels. A gap in the shoe closet! The hunt is on. Cream perhaps?


Ladylike swing jacket in a  bright color with hem detail. Aside from the rain cape I don't have much like this, I include it because it's so cute. Perhaps something like it with trickle down to the high street shops eventually?

Clearly the trends I am gravitating towards are:
  • green
  • ladylike
  • printed pussy-cat bow blouses
  • A-line knee-length skirt
  • cropped sweaters
  • 1940s length pencil skirts
  • monochromatic winter white
  • exotic print combinations
  • bright colored structured bags

Something new and different for me? I think not. Sigh. I guess I like what I like.

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  1. I do LOVE a cape. I keep hoping to find a full length one, but I may have to break out the sewing machine for that.

    1. Hah, I had much the same thought. "Hm, clothes clothes clothes CAPE"


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