Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lust Objects ~ Deco in Color

I've been feeling Deco recently, Fashionable Reader, and while some of the bellow might not actually be dated to the right time period, they all have the deco feel to me.  They are also quite colorful. I tend to think of deco in terms of metallics and black and white, but these are far from that side of the aesthetic. Enjoy!

Woman in a Green Dress Sir Herbert James Gunn
1925  Christie’s
Earrings  Fred Leighton  1stdibs.com
1935 Bangle  Cartier  Sotheby’s
1920s  Bunka Gakuen Museum
Ruby Sautoir  1stdibs.com
1930s 1930s Bracelet  Sotheby’s

Rauwolf Shalimar clutch at barneys.com

Necklace  Christie’s

Ranjana Khan mirror drop earrings at charmandchain.com
1940s  Lang Antiques
1930s Clip Brooches  Christie’s
1920s Jabot Pin  1stdibs.com
1925  The Victoria & Albert Museum

"Thistle"  René Lalique, 1900  Christie’s
1940  Christie’s
1928 Pendant  René Boivin  Christie’s

Alexander McQueen graphic stained glass print De Manta clutch at alexandermcqueen.com

1925 Cartier  Christie’s

Alexander McQueen knuckle embroidered box clutch at net-a-porter.com

Aquarmarine, Emerald, and Diamond Earrings  Prince Dmitri  Christie’s

(By J'adore Cakes)

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