Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Gail's 10 Favorite Fashionable Things Right Now

Right now, these are my 10 favorite things:
At Nordstrom for $124

1. Dove grey cashmere cardy with an modern drape and a low back.
This was my birthday present to myself. I have a terrible weakness for cashmere and I decided to indulge it at the big Nordstrom Rack sale. It may be summer and it did get awfully hot there for a bit, but this is still Northern California and we're back to cold evenings and windy days perfect for snuggling into this loverly thing. I recently wore it belted over a maxi dress (with a skinny belt) and it was super chic. Must do it again.

Similar for $67

2. Red maxi dress.
I bet you thought I wore vintage all the time. Nope. For I do love me a jersey maxi dress. It has to be double lined and thick enough coverage at the top for the Rack, and with some strategic folds to hide the tummy but I now have two that fit this stringent criteria. I originally only owned a royal blue and black striped Max Studio one. I found myself living in it all last summer. So this year I invested in a new red one. It has this sexy little cut out at the lower back and I bit of a slit up one leg. Love love. I may bring it to England with me this August.

Etsy for $12

3. Pen nib earrings.
They are almost evil looking, yet also pretty, with a hint of steampunk and a whole lot of author vibe. I bought them on a whim at a steampunk event years ago and I go through phases where I wear them constantly. Now is one of those phases.

Snake version for $30

4. Mia's Nomad Flat in nude.
I've waxed poetical about these in the past, they are still going strong. Comfortable with bare feet or with nylons, slip on and off easy for travel, water and stain resistant in a pail color, almond shaped toe, enough interest not to be boring. What's not to love?

UK brand: Lucille Blouse Cherry £30.00

5. Chery top.
Picked this up in France when I was there last year and rediscovered it when the weather warmed. It's super light and cool, fitted enough to be retro, has a bow and a collar, not too long, and fits the Rack. If memory serves I spent bank on it, since this combination is so hard to find for the Rack. I'm not regretting it at all.

6. Techniche skin care.
Ok, so full confession, I buy these from a facial expert and they seem hard to find online. However, they are a favorite thing right now so they had to make this list. It isn't often I change my skin care regime but I sampled this line and I am totally hooked. I have the saddest skin. It's been through a lot: freckled, sun damaged, splotchy, old, wrinkly, oily and dry, sensitive, blah blah blah. This line was developed for cancer patients and those undergoing heavy drug treatments that effect skin. My skin loves them.

My choices are:
  • Restore Serum: evens out skin tone and texture, I use it every evening after cleansing before moisturizer, and mornings before sunscreen or makeup. If I had to pick only one to keep of this line, it would be this one. And this is the one I was, initially, most suspicious of.
  • Embryol Moisture: (yeah, you read that right, developed by analyzing embryonic fluids, yech, and yet...) the best all over nighttime moisturizer I've ever met. I don't beak out and my skin feels awesome the next morning. 
  • Molecular Rice Balm: once a week I cleanse, do this as a mask for an evening, and then continue on with my normal skin care routine. It feels awfully decadent.
  • Plantae Foaming Wash: I prefer a non-foaming soaps, so I mostly stick with my Alba's coconut line, but I use this if I've been wearing heavy sunscreen or thick base makeup as it really cuts the grime and oil.
$9 most places

7. Eucerin Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Sensitive Skin Lotion SPF 15
This is my favorite daily moisturizer/sunblock. It isn't perfect if you intend to actually spend a lot of time in the sun. I just upgraded to the 30 SPF version for the summer and I hope it doesn't make me break out. Since I have had over a dozen not-so-nice moles removed over the years and collected countless stitches and scars as a result, even if I intend to be outside in a hat in the shade I put on at least 15 SPF. Coppertone SPF 30 oil free goes on my body. It is of great sadness to me that I will never be as white as Queen Dita.

$2 most places

8. Vaseline Lip Therapy
I got super excited about the EOS line of lip balm and then developed an awful allergic reaction to it. Threw them all out and went to pure Vaseline as a stop gap measure. But that was messy and hard to carry around in small quantities, so I found these little tube thingies. I know there are big anti-petroleum jelly advocates out there, but my lips have never been so happy.

9. Black and white manicures.
I'm kind of obsessed with these right now and trying to convince my nail salon that they can, in fact, do it with a shellac. (Shellac ~ not Gel ~ is my one true nail love of all time forever I can't believe how wonderful it is and best thing to happen to the beauty industry since color stay lipstick!) What I really want is a moon manicure but my place won't do it and I am hesitant to sally forth elsewhere.

10. Pride & Prejudice
Just went on a binge re-watching both the BBC mini-series and the more recent Nightly movie version. Sometimes a girl needs such things in her life. And they are very fashionable, in their way.

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