Monday, November 3, 2014

Gail is On Book Tour

For the next two weeks, Fashionable Reader, I am on book tour. I hope to see you at an event if I happen to be near you. I'll have lots of outfit posts when I get back, all my colors themed to my most recent book cover. Yeah, I've gotten a little crazy with the packing this trip. I do so love a challenge.

Meanwhile here's a fab Transformation Gown:

Robe à Transformation  1865  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

“You see more of the outlandishness of fashion in one day on Broadway than in a week on any one streets of Boston. Doubtless, Boston is just as proud as New York, but her pride is that of brains, and those, from the necessities of the cse, are hidden.”
~ Around the Tea Table by T. De Witt Talmage (1875)

Retro Rack is also on facebook where I post additional images and fashion thoughts.

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