Tuesday, May 26, 2015

New Acquisitions ~ Red Red Red!

So despite the fact that I have been trying to be Very Good and not buy stuff, Fashionable Reader, what can I say? I am a consumer. It seems that I have been feeling the red recently.

Cotton pleated knee length red skirt. I got this because it could work double duty as both a petticoat and a skirt in its own right, and because it has pleats it'll pack well without too many wrinkles. I already have a red petticoat, so this replaces that item. I hope.

Draped red cardy. I've been digging the draped cardy for flights. I have two cashmere ones in grey, one heavy and one lightweight, but I wanted one additional lightweight one to round out the collection. I found this red one on consignment and couldn't resist.

I don't think of myself as a velvet blazer kind of girl. The one I found at Goodwill, however, has a bit of a fish tail, which makes it perfect for steampunk as well as everyday. I finally got rid of the leather blazer I've been holding onto while waiting for something similar to replace it. I have been hunting for a red jacket for a while, I hope this one fulfills all my needs.

I do already have red beads but this strand can be doubled as a choker, or worn single as a long necklace. It makes it a bit more versatile than my existing princess length beads, as it works with more necklines.

Finally rounding out my red accessory collection with a clutch! I have a day bag but nothing for evening because I really want something these days that can hold a cell phone and a few other items, and has a chain strap when needed. This one ticks all the boxes for a cool $12.

Burgundy head scarf. Got this in New Zealand, rounding out my head scarf collection with something that will also work with my steampunk stuff.

BCBG Plaid Maxi Skirt $31

I love a nice light weight maxi skirt in the summer, and this one appeals to my latent Goth tendencies. You know why I love a maxi skirt? Shaving. And I'll say no more about that.

Fashion Design Stylish High Quality Reusable Shower cap $8

I decided Grown Up Gails should have grown up shower caps, and not keep using the same sad thin ones they scoop from hotels. So I invested in this puppy. Love it. Comes in many other ridiculous girly patterns.

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