Thursday, June 4, 2015

Lust Objects ~ Art Deco Interior Design

This blog is mainly a style blog with a focus on Rack friendly clothing, Fashionable Reader. But occasionally I hope you will indulge my other passion, interior design. I blogged earlier about how I love Deco style probably because of P.G. Wodehouse, likely also influenced by my passionate adoration for the Jeeves & Wooster TV show. Here are a few stills from the NY part of the show.

 Look at this bed with the built in side tables. And that lamp is classic deco.

Archie art deco-inspired table lamp at BHS

Here's the dining room from the NY set:

And the living room:

Maybe it's all the cream and chrome with the splash of dark wood that I love so much. That's always been my preferred aesthetic. Impossible to live in, of course. Which I why I only did my office that way.

Almost more fun is the set of the transatlantic liner that Wooster takes between NY and London:

Look at the couch, eee!

Here are some other Deco influenced interiors and some objects to go with.

All interiors unless otherwise stated are via Freshome
Deco Doormat

1960s G Plan Astro coffee table
I adore those chairs.

Alfie art deco-style table lamp at BHS

Deco Cushion

Bridge in San Antonio

Deco Breeze Penguin Figurine Fan

Gloriously Glamorous from Thom Filicia

via thefabulousweirdtrotters tumblr—Interior production still for the film Pleasure Crazed circa 1929

via thestudenttailor-tumblr Art Deco elegance. 

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