Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Bra Shopping ~ Reducing the Rack & Fudging the Results

So, Fashionable Reader, recently I did a blog post about ordering for the new Rack. Sadly, it's the usual rigmarole of nothing fits and trying to find what does.

A reminder, measurements.

Old measurements:
Ribs: 28"
Rack: 41"
What did I wear in bras? Panache 28J, Freya, Fantasie & Cleo 30H, Royce & Anita 32H

New measurements:
Ribs: 30
Rack: 38"
I used tape measurements and this bra size calculator.

What did I order to try? Freya 30FF, Royce 30FF (then 32F)

What do I still want to try? Fantasie & Cleo 30FF, Anita 30H



1. Bra that Gives Good Vintage Shape

What I used to wear: Freya Dotty Nursing Bra 32H

 Freya Dotty Nursing Bra

What I ordered: Freya Dotty Nursing Bra 30FF

Results: Band was exactly right, but cup was about a size too big. Returned and reordered in 30F.

Cost of having a Rack: $11 return shipping/hassle because larger bra sizes rarely offer free returns (and counting), $46 for the bra

 2. Sports Bra

What I used to wear: Royce Women's Impact Free Cotton Sports Bra 32H

Royce Women's Impact Free Cotton Sports Bra

What I ordered:  Royce Women's Impact Free Cotton Sports Bra 30FF

Results: Band was far too tight, and cup was about right. Returned and reordered in 32F (up a band = down at least one cup). I'm thinking Royce runs on the old style of band measurement = add 2 inches to the actual measurement.

Cost of having a Rack: $52.54 (this one has free returns) but I'll still need at least two other sports bras.

Results: Band fit perfectly on the 32F, cup also fit perfectly but if I order a second one, I might go down to 32E for more support of higher impact exercise. This one will do for hiking and biking, not running.

If you have a really small rib cage this is the sports bra for you!

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  1. Finding the right size and model in bras are pain in the wallet and damages ones patience. And most times one has to arm herself with a good dose of humor cause the makers of the right size and model come under a name such as Triumph. *glares at rack of Triumph bras*


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