Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Manners & Mutiny Tour ~ In Which Gail Yields to the Perfect Black Suit

I brought my favorite little black suit with me on the Manners & Mutiny tour, fashionable reader. It's a v-neck sheath dress that fits like a dream and a little cropped over jacket. It has the feel of something New Look 1950s, but I think it may be a homemade modern version off a vintage pattern.

For evening I accessorized it with a feather headband that I picked up at Ross ~ black with white dots (I colored the dots red with a sharpie, similar $12.50), a faceted jet bead tassel necklace (love the tassels, similar for $25 that also comes in red, I'm very tempted) from Dark Garden, long red opera gloves (vintage 1930s inherited from my grandmother, similar $11 multiple colors), and Via Spiga peep-toe wingtip spectator stilettos (also died red, but by a professional, not me with a pen).

The suit and dress have a very evening feel, so for a daytime variation I wore it over a cherry tie-neck shirt. I really liked this combination and the way it looked.  I've never done it before and I think it worked well.

For day I paired it with short vintage leather gloves (gift from a friend, similar $20), slim red belt (similar $10, multiple colors), drop earrings (similar $9.50), the obligatory pen necklace ($19.50), and a vintage velvet hat with a bow front and fall leaves at the back (gift from a friend).

 Here is what the shirt alone looks like.

Somewhat similar shirt for $32.

I think that I love this black dress suit the most because it has a Suzy Parker feel to it.

1950 Suzy Parker Left Black Suit

Dress suzyparker-balenciagainvogue1953 copy

I also love it because it is so versatile. You all know I am not a huge fan of wearing black, but I will do it in the sort of situation I had on this tour: two weeks with one carry on and multiple different climates. A black suit really is one of the most versatile things a girl can pack.

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