Tuesday, December 22, 2015

New Acquisitions & Losses

I've been starting to shop a bit more now, the Rack is still not up to final dimensions (could be as long as two years) and I don't get to wear proper bras until 2016, but I can't resist.

These two I purchased in Charleston. The first I got in a panic from Forever 21 the day I landed. You see it was so hot and I was worried that I wouldn't survive YallFest in the dresses I had planned. This was like $10 on the major sales rack. I'd already surmised that my eShakti cream day dress was not tailor-able (not cheaply anyway) so I don't mind a replacement. As will all things F21 it doesn't fit great, but I took it in on the go and its fine. I didn't end up wearing it, however, because the weather was cooler the next day.

The grey dress I found at a consignment shop and it had such a lovly chic feel I bought it for $25. Fully lined but not vintage, it's a mixed blend that travels very well although it is a bit warm. Close up it has a tweed look to it that I love.

What are they replacing?

Cream and Purple eShakti. After much consultation it seems too hard to tailor these dresses in at the bust, at least not with my guy, and would likely cost me what I paid for them from anyone else.  I did love the back and sleeves (I had full short ones put on) of the cream dress, but I feel that the Forever 21 will be a fine substitute. And I won't worry so much about staining it. So far as the purple is concerned: I really never thought it my color (I got it for the Prudence tour), the grey is more practical and versatile in the end. I'll miss the pockets. It's already gone to consignment.

This pink lace Ann Taylor cocktail dress dress came from Nordstrom Rack, again on super sale, for $20. This isn't one I needed, and frankly, I didn't expect it to fit. But it did and its had some lovely details like a keyhole back. I'm making my peace with pink, and lace does pack well.

The teal is a pretty sexy draped number that I love. It's modern, rayon, and has a bit of a ruffle down one side. I need a slip under it and it's kinda warm, but it is lovely. I do love the color and it will pack small, wrinkle free, and looks good without corseting.

What are they replacing?

The pink one will sub in for this beauty. It breaks my heart to let her go. She's up for consignment and if she doesn't sell I might bring her back and fork out for bust tailoring.  I just don't know. I so very much loved this dress.

The teal will do to replace these three.

I'm not so heartbroken by the plain turquoise because, while I loved the cut, the fabric wrinkled really badly.

However, the teal velvet is vintage 1960s. I bought it in London to fit the rack and it was always a bit loose elsewhere. It pretty much looks like what it is, a size too big for me. I might keep it in storage for when I put on weight, unless it fits one of my friends who really wants it.

I am quite cut up by the loss of the laser cut color block. I loved how light it was and how it went from vintage to modern. But it really is IMPOSSIBLE to tailor because of the overlay among other things. Right now it has a bit of a stain so I'll try to wash it, then, likely consignment. Sigh.

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