Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Steampunk Outfit for the Locus Fundraiser

Over the weekend I had a small gathering for a tea party at Borderlands to raise money for the Locus Foundation. Since I intended to visit the Dickens Fair after the event and I knew it would be crowded on the third weekend on a Saturday, I chose an outfit that was comfortable and narrow and easy to wear in a crowd.

The hat was a gift to me from a reader, Tanya, from Boston. I believe this is her etsy shop where her charming mini felt top hats run a very reasonable $35 right now!

 I'm wearing small dangling bow tie earrings and corset button covers from Rubyblackbird another one of my favorite etsy shops. The silver filigree broach is one I inherited from my great grandmother. The shirt is a dark tan BCBG with built in ruffles and cravat. I picked it up years ago from an outlet mall (similar in white or black $30). I recently realized it now fits perfectly, and pretty much subs in for two of my other shirts so I'm donating those two! Yeah for downsizing, in more ways than one.

The corset is a custom from Dark Garden. It is a Underbust Victorian (full back with vest modification) with pockets in the wool pinstripe. I'm wearing leather gloves with a suede button detail that I bought the first time I visited Germany for the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Finally the skirt! This was it's first outing. I found it on Amazon where the call it the Rainy Night in London ~ Victorian Gothic Ruffle Steampunk Vintage Style Skirt and it will round you $59-66 plus shipping (when I purchased it, it was less).

It also comes in black.

More thoughts on this skirt:  
The skirt's outer material has a bit of stretch which makes the fit so good looking. I'm 5"7" and about a buck 40 these days, and I found the size small fit me great except that it runs very long. So long I had to have the top of the waistband (and it is designed to be high waisted) all the way up to my bra band in order to wear it with flats (mostly I wear it with heels and it's fine but this was going to be a long day). The bottom ruffle is actually attached to the lining. So one could conceivably take that whole part off and it's be exactly the right length. I happen to really like the second ruffle. Which brings us to the lining. While the skirt itself is stretchy the lining is not and cut into a tight fishtail so if you have any kind of curves it is impossible to lift the skirt up far enough to, how to put this, use the facilities. Also it impeded stride when walking. I ended up ripping the lining at the tightest part, which worked fine, but isn't the ideal solution. If you intend to wear this skirt tucked up into a corset I suggest dealing with this issue. I'm not sure I'm comfortable recommending this skirt at this price with this issue, but it sure does look great.

That said it comes in a black jacquard and a red (which I covet) and the same company has a red (or black) fishtail retro number to die for ($30).

I'd jump on it but I'd need to remove the lace and replace the buttons so it was nothing but red and I'm not certain that is the right red for my wardrobe.

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