Thursday, April 21, 2016

Gail in Corsets & More Corsets ~ Dark Garden Forever!

Fashionable Readers who follow me on social media know that I do not shill often (if at all). However, if you have ever admired any of my steampunk outfits (or indeed my waist under most of my vintage attire) I was wearing a Dark Garden corset. Please do help them now, if you can. Art and beauty are so rarely combined with such kindness and grace.

Autumn is a dear friend (and soon to be cover model) and her wares are truly breathtaking and unique. Her custom designs are one of a kind, and you can basically order any corset you like from her (although it may cost you a bit... it's worth it).

I am a little late to this party (they have already made their fundraiser goal), but I do know that every little bit helps. If you are not moved to support them, now would be a great time to consider ordering from them. I can personally vouch for their wares. I shall now provide some evidence...

As a foundation garment...

I am wearing a full coverage (custom sized) sweetheart Victorian under both of the above outfits. Until my surgery this was basically vital to my well being as it was far more comfortable than a bra, and helped support my back. 

Post-surgery, I'm wearing a Corselette under these two. A much more recent purchase, and I did not buy a custom one as the 22 fit fine off the rack.

Above you can see an example of the same dress with and without a corset underneath.

As a statement piece...

 Here is my custom vest style Underbust Victorian with full back and straps worn two ways.

Above I'm wearing a Alyscia with princess cross over straps (all custom, including the material). The cream brocade is a custom sized Victorian (straight across). Before my surgery I pretty much had to buy custom.

Above is an off-the-rack size 24 sweetheart Victorian that I modified with all that metal. Next to it is a Corselette in a size 22. Note that I can go down a size when the Rack is not involved?

There you have it. I own a few others as well, but don't have any really good photos of them. I'm about to get mine resized (after the Rack Reduction) and hope to wear some of the lesser used ones more frequently in the future. I have a few steampunk events coming up so...

And now, of course, I'm considering ordering another one. Because if Dark Garden needs me to buy another corset, who am I to protest? I'm contemplating seeing if she can make me an Adelaide with a more vintage bra style. Decisions, decisions.

I should probubly sell more books first. Speaking of which, Poison or Protect edits are calling to me.

Retro Rack is also on facebook where I post additional images and fashion thoughts.

You can also visit the following shopping lists: Travel Dork, My Steampunk, My Wardrobe.

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