Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Gail Carriger in Retro 1950s Black & White Gingham Check (pictures in my office)

There is something about gingham, Fashionable Reader, that comes off as intrinsically vintage. Perhaps because we associate it so strongly with tablecloths from the 1950s?

Here I am wearing a pedal pusher version of black and white gingham trousers, which, of course helps the vintage look even when I pair them with a modern t-shirt. This is my Team Soap shirt, from my Zazzle shop.

Team Soap shirt can be found here.

They can be a little broadening, in the manner of horizontal stripes. But I like them so much I will keep wearing them.

I'm in the downstairs part of my office for this shoot. For those of you who follow my FB Lives or my YouTube Channel, you can see why I have problems with back-lighting in this office, but boy it is wonderful from a general light perspective. In addition to the two huge windows downstairs, there is also a skylight in the loft section.

These photos were taken by the incomparable Brittney Hart. 

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  1. The whole look reminds me of Mad Men. Are you watching The Collection? It's on Amazon or Netflix.

  2. I love the pants and the shoes!





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