Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Gail Carriger in LA in a 1960s Maxi Dress with Tulips

Who: Gail Carriger

1960s maxi dress by Lorrie Deb San Francisco. Possibly a bride's maid's or prom dress. Bright pink chiffon overlay top with bow details at the waist and on the back with a mini train. Linen skirt with hand painted tulips in increasing size.

Purchased March 2011

Bon Mar Thift Store in Sonoma, CA. Required minor repairs to the snaps. Total cost $15.

To wear to a tea, reading, and book signing in Pasadena, CA. April 2011.

To What Degree: Added a vintage 1960's white straw hat of the topper style, crocheted gloves, pearl button earrings, gold pen necklace, new Alfani cream bow peep toe stilettos, vintage cream bag, and cream parasol. More pictures from the event are here, from Pixie Vision Productions.

What Works: Dark color on top, lighter color on the bottom balances out the bust. Also wide boat neck draws attention up towards shoulders and face. Top is tightly fitted, skirt billows out slightly, also balancing. Here is a slightly similar coctail number from Mod Cloth.


  1. The hat is super adorable, and if I recall correctly, there was a poll involving those shoes!

    I'm so glad you're doing this blog, because I think vintage fashion is spectacular. I've always enjoyed the styles of the '50s myself.

  2. Gail, congrats on long awaited blog! :))) I love vintage, so I am and will be a faithful follower x

  3. Gail, my wife (who deals vintage) is curious if that maxi dress has any designer labels in it.

  4. That is adorable, and I love the accessories, especially the hat!

  5. Joeseph, thanks for the question, I'll remember to include this information in the future. It's a Lorrie Deb San Francisco. Who, as it turns out, designed in the 50s and 60s so I got the date wrong!

  6. How do yo find such affordable vintage? In Florida it seems to all be marked up ridiculously!

  7. Bon Mar Thrift store is a real gem. I visit them bi-weekly because the deals are so amazing. Last time I scored some vintage 1930s baby shoes, all leather, oxfords, so adorable, for a friend, in the original box, $10! I don't think they realize what they get. They are in a kind of ghetto undiscovered area. I take shameless advantage. Generally, I expect to pay $28 - $60 for a dress I really love. This particular pink gown is so very outrageous I might not have gone for it had it not been so cheep and fit so well.

  8. The hat and dress along with the gloves are perfect together!


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