Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Gail Carriger in New Orleans in a Green Dress

So, as I said in the last post, I'm off to New Orleans and Baton Rouge this weekend, Fashionable Reader. At last report, I needed to be prepared for 95+ and should limit my makeup. (Crisis! I never limit my makeup!) Anyway, on the hunt for my lighter weight vintage dresses I unearthed this one for Saturday . . .

This is a louder pattern than I normally prefer, but this dress fits me so beautifully and is such a lovely light weight duck cloth, I can't resist. It's extremely well made and in the best condition of any of my  vintage pieces, but label-less, I'm afraid. I'd guess around 1954. I got it at Bon Mar Thrift Store in Sonoma for a cool $15.

I will be wearing mine retro style, and I'll post the look when I get back from New Orleans. However, I've been seeing a number of similar print dresses all over the web ~ in some of my favorite fashion blogs and on the runways. I thought I'd include some street style shots of how to wear just such a vintage patterned piece in a modern way. Hope you enjoy.

Right Bluegirl Fall 2011 RTW runway, and left from the excellent fashion blog What I Wore.

Left some runway or another and right

I'll be at the American Library Association Annual Conference & Exhibition in New Orleans, (June 25 - 26, 2011), wearing this patterned green dress Saturday to speak at the YA Luncheon at noon and on the Science, Fantasy & Information Science Program from 4 ~ 5 pm. I hope to see some of you there.


  1. Make sure you have a hand fan. I went in July 2 years ago and if I hadn't gotten one of those small fans I think I would have melted into a puddle.

  2. Okay, I'm so totally jealous. First off, I've always wanted to go to New Orleans and just can't afford it. Second, green is yet another color I cannot wear. Just like red makes me look like I have a horrid rash, green makes my skin look so yellow you'd think I was dying of liver failure.

  3. Oh, and hint on the makeup in our climate here. If you use foundation, get some Clinique Workout Makeup. It has sunblock in it, and it is very difficult to sweat off. You can pick it up in most department stores down here.

  4. I love the flowered skirt in the last photo! Enjoy New Orleans. I'll get there someday.


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