Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Gail Carriger in New Orleans in a Red Dress

I'm off to New Orleans and Baton Rouge this weekend, Fashionable Reader. The rumor is that it's hot, humid, and could thunder shower. So I scoured the closet for the most light weight candidates. Here is the winner for Friday . . .

I adore this cotton dress. I bought it from JC Penny (of all places) some three or four years ago. Back then they had a whole spate of size 8 dresses with tops that managed to still accommodate my size 10 bust. (I haven't been back in a while, but I'm hoping they still follow this policy.) I probably paid about $30 for it. It's only flaw is the sash ties in a big bow in the back which makes it uncomfortable for driving or flying.

On the left we have one of my fashion icons, Sophia Loren, rocking the perfect red dress, and on the right a 1950s dress via Timeless Vixen Vintage.

I remember reading once that colors send different messages, and that red implies power. I always rather liked this idea. I suppose whether it's true or not, I feel powerful in a red dress!

Moschino Fall 2011.

I have ~ lemme count ~ 5 red dresses in my closet (not to mention shoes, tops, and a pencil skirt), but this is the only one with a full skirt. Here is a similar little number from J Peterman.

Look for photos next week to find out what I wore it with, and whether it was the right choice for New Orleans!

I'll be at the American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference & Exhibition in New Orleans, (June 25 - 26, 2011). Speaking at the YA Luncheon on Saturday at noon. On the Science, Fantasy & Information Science Program Saturday, 4 ~ 5 pm.  Signing at the ALA Hachette booth Sunday, 11 am ~ 12 pm. And signing at Books A Million in Baton Rouge at 3 pm on Sunday (there is a Facebook events page). All that and I still intend to eat my own body weight in crayfish!


  1. My (rather practical) question is: footwear? I don't know if you're in the same boat as me, but I'll be walking quite a bit to get to ALA and various other places. With the weather forecast I suddenly find that my choice in comfortable leather sandals might not be the best for my feet...

    I'm hoping the rain holds and I don't look like a drowned rat. A drowned rat with blistered feet from wet leather sandals.

  2. When I saw New Orleans and Red Dress the first thing that came to mind was the RED DRESS RUN! You should make a trip back for that it's a blast.


  3. That IS a practical question and I have given it much thought. What I do now is have a purse big enough to hold a small pair of flats. I walk to and from the event in flats, and put my stilettos on when I get there, pop the flats into my bag. Despite the heat I'm opting for some very light weight thin leather oxfords for ALA. My quest for comfortable cute saddles is ever ongoing.

  4. You're lucky to have the coloration for red. When I wear it I look like I've got some highly contagious rash. I stopped wearing red all together so people won't be freaking out and calling the CDC.

  5. I wore red slacks with a red, white and blue sailor top yesterday and cute little white wedgie sandals. I was mortally offended when my grown nephew called me "Miss Cranberry". Did I comment on his sandals with black socks? No, I am not that rude.

  6. Have you tried tying the sash in front/off to the side (over the hip) for driving or flying? That's typically what I do.

  7. Red is good - great on its own or snazzing up black/grey/navy etc. However my mother always maintained that the only women who wore red skirts were those on the game! But then she had a lot of funny ideas like that. If it was longer (& my giant size 16 - UK) I would love the Timeless Vixen Vintage dress


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