Thursday, July 7, 2011

Gail Carriger: Dress her fore her Heartless Book Launch Events!

My dear Fashionable Readers, I have two local events celebrating the launch of Heartless coming up which means there is a style decision to make!

I simply can't decide between three dresses. One will be for an event this Friday in San Francisco and the other for a Thursday night reading/signing down on the Peninsula next week. Here are the candidates . . .

A salmon pink number, made of cool twilled raw silk with a funky edgy neckline. It's deceptively simple but a nice summery color and I haven't worn it much so I'd like to give it an airing.

Light jersey teal dress that I bought for the Changeless book tour. I haven't worn it since then. It has a bias cut swingy skirt and a diminutive pussycat bow.

An old favorite I've worn a number of times, the check black and white suit. The sheath dress underneath has a sleeveless cap boat neck. This one travels well and is one of the first vintages pieces I ever owned, so it shows up a lot.

 I wore this check when I first attended a WorldCon as a professional author. I met my publisher and my agent face to face in this suit. I took my very first head shots wearing it. It went down to Australia with me. Ah, good times.

So what do you think? Perhaps the salmon for SF this Friday and the teal for suburbia next Thursday?  Then again the salmon is cooler, so perhaps the teal is better for foggy San Francisco. But the salmon has a bit more SF edge to it. Or should I substitute in the check for old time's sake? It has the little jacket in case it's too air conditioned, but I have worn it a lot. If I do substitute, which event does it suit better (pun intended)? Oh, decisions, decisions!

Heartless book launch party at Books Inc, Opera Plaza at 7 pm on Friday July 8, 2011 in San Francisco, CA.

Heartless book launch signing at Kepler's Books at 7 pm on Thursday July 14, 2011 in Menlo Park, CA.

I know I know I should rightly be wearign purple. But all my purple outfits are very much cold weather centric. I should have timed everything more seasonally!


  1. Have you considered the salmon with the check jacket in case it's too air conditioned?

  2. Love the salmon color...why don't you try all three on, take pics, then post and we'll comment? It's so hard to pick until you see them ON!

  3. I'll be at the Keplers event, and would love to see you in teal.

    Are you open to signing multiple copies? By multiple, I mean it in the simplest definition of the term: 2.

  4. I recommend going with your first instincts, which appear to be "Perhaps the salmon for SF this Friday and the teal for suburbia next Thursday". First instincts are usually correct.

  5. I agree with Bebe - salmon for Friday, teal on Thursday. I'm guessing your cream-coloured cape is too heavy for this time of year - for Friday, do you have a lace cardigan you could cover up with if air conditioning is too much? Maybe like this?

  6. Check suit. You can't argue with a classic staple.

  7. I like the salmon dress, so I agree with your first thoughts and the others above - salmon for Friday and the teal for Thursday. Maybe add a nice cardigan in case it does get cold.

  8. Haha, this almost sounds like menu but I also go for "salmon for friday and teal for thursday". Salmon with the check jacket if needed.

  9. The teal for SF as it gets cool there in the evening and the teal has long sleeves. The salmon for suburbia.


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