Friday, July 15, 2011

Gail Carriger Talks About Her Love of Black and White Check

The summation of the following post, Gail = pro black & white check!

Check and gingham often come off as very vintage.

This is my piece, a sheath and matched jacket from Moon Zoom in Santa Cruz, CA. Probably $40. I love it. I've worn it often.

Wearing the suit down in Australia at World Con 2010.


Alexander McQueen, queen Dita, 1950s dress via Timeless Vixen Vintage

However, it is hard to modernize. I'll probably be taking mine to Germany this October and have to use it for both the event and street wear. I'll parse out the jacket with slacks and a bright top for a mod look, and wear the sheath with opaque tights and chunky shoes. Hope it works.

Peggy in Mad Men

Some more classic vintage check from the 1950s.

Alternatively, one could go for some black & white check accessories.

Houndstooth on Fall 2011 runway, bold windowpane from 1948, & Art deco earrings ca. 1930 via Christie’s

Both from 1958.

Or you could wear is as a foundation garment.

Of course, I like to pair my black & white with red. Because I love red.
And to read with your black & white check?  I suggest Soulstring by Midori Snyder. 
Playing with various fairy tale and Greek mythos this story begins with the classic trope of evil sorcerer father killing the suitors for his daughter's hand. But our young heroine doesn't remain passive for long. We are, instead, taken on a courageous journey with a powerful female protagonist. Soulstring pulled on my heart strings with its sweet hidden love story and an utterly charming conclusion. 
Have a great weekend!


  1. My solution to blog-writing is to just write it in a regular word processing program (saving regularly, of course), then copy and paste it into the blogger field and add the pictures. That way, if I lose it, I just lose the effort put into adding pictures, and not all the text. :)

    You know just how fashionable (or not) I am, but I'm having a lot of fun reading your posts here!

  2. I love the photos (even if I can't wear the styles myself) and you always look gorgeous - you wear your retro with such an air!

  3. Your plan to modernize yours for Germany sounds perfect! You could even add a little black sweater with the sheath as well if it's still too much on its own. Love it!

  4. Thanks Anne! And Charlotte, I do fervently hope so. Of course, all of Germany could looks askance at the crazy American.

  5. Very pleased to see you've used my book signing photo (and cropped, the wall behind alludes to being Black & White check too)

  6. Authentic blog! is obvious you live the vintage, live in vintage! nice to meet you! I follow you


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