Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gail Carriger Wears Plaid In . . . Summer?

I can't help it, I love plaid. The thing is (and there is always a thing) plaid is so often thought of as a fall or winter fabric. Tweed, definitely, but I believe plaid is more versatile.

However, one of my very favorite plaid pieces is a fish-tail pencil skirt in summer neutrals from BCBG. I got it from an outlet mall for about $30, and unfortunately I have no pictures of how awesome the back fish-tail detail is for Butt Uplift. But it is, trust me. I own another plaid skirt in the same cut in gray tones, but the beauty of this one is that is it a light-weight cotton, almost like khakis.

At Mysterious Galaxy last September for the Blameless tour, with fellow author Cindy Pon, me in the skirt, her in steampunk.

At BaltiCon in May of 2010 with fellow author Brand Gamblin in the skirt with straight hair and no glasses. I know, crazy.

The runways for Winter/Fall 2011 are awash with plaid pencil skirts in retro styles. This is wonderful, but I don't feel compelled to wait until autumn.

From left to right: Blugirl Fall 2011, Vivienne Westwood Red Label, Christian Dior

All I'm saying is that if you hit the thrift stores now, because of the "Plaid is Winter" association you might find a cute little plaid number on sale. And I believe you can make it Summer by pairing it with a white t-shirt or even a tank.

This plaid association wasn't always the case, in the 50's there were plenty of plaid summer suits and skirts.

And you'll have an investment skirt that can transition between seasons. However, if you don't feel up to the full thrust of plaid as a statement piece, how about plaid as an accessory?


  1. Is tea ever not necessary? ;) Also, while this is a very nice post about plaid, I think the real issue is why is there a whole gathering of ladies with black cats on chains? I'll be wondering about it all day :)

  2. @Aj - there was one time when tea was not necessary. It was when I was super duper sick, sitting in a chair, sipping hot tea, and because I was so sick and weak I fell asleep with the tea cup raised to my lips, which of course fell into my lap, scalding the top and inside areas of my thighs.

    I assure you, if you had offered me more tea then, it would end up on your head.

    As for plaid - I don't think fall/winter when I see it. I think Catholic School Girl. I also think about how it's one of those patterns that, like horizontal stripes, a gal of my size shouldn't wear.

    You, however, look adorable in it. You've got the hips and legs for plaid.

  3. What's it with all those ladies with black cat accessories - Scottish Witch Association Annual Meeting 1955, I guess?

  4. I happened to have pulled out my one plaid skirt and am wearing it today! My first thought was, "Can I wear plaid in summer? Why not!" The fabric is too thin for winter anyway.

  5. Jami, I'll give you that! OUCH! Tea is supposed to make you feel better, not add burns to sickness.

  6. I am fond of plaid, especially utilised in the Scottish kilt. I do love a man in a kilt, particular a Scottish man (is it any wonder Lord Maccon is my favourite character in the Parasol Protectorate series?). Of course I like it for myself too. I get to have a clan tartan since my surname is Scottish though I've yet to acquire anything with it on. However, one of my favourite skirts is black and white plaid with a corset pattern in the back. I would love a plaid dress. And that skirt in the fifth row of pictures. I would adore a skirt like that.

  7. I noticed Alexia was wearing a lot of plaid in Heartless. I have a kilt in my family tartan (too small now round the waist) but that's pretty much all the plaid in my wardrobe.


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