Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gail Carriegr Wears Teal in Menlo Park

I like teal. But I had to recover from the 80s in order to do so. It took a teal silk 1850s dress at Dickens Fair for me to learn to like it again. (While I still have the dress, I don't have any photos of it and it's in storage at the moment, sorry.) And then, oh then, Orbit produced the cover of my second book . . .

I knew they would be sending me out to sign and I figured I had better dress to match the book. (Because that is the way my mind works.) Fortunately for me, I found this lovely Diesel jersey dress at a Crossroads Trading in San Francisco for about $20.

Here I am in Houston at Murder By the Book with two lovely fans in the dress last year.

It fits me like a glove and I can't gain a pound but I love the bow and the cut. This was the dress I chose to wear for the Keplers signing, last Thursday. I paired it with white for Houston and with black for Menlo Park.

Thanks to Soulswallo for the picture.

You can see the kick pleats over the thighs in this picture. Did I mention I love this dress? Well I do. Teal is a great transition color, it works for retro or modern.

1960 Teal & Black

And here are some ideas on how to take it to the street.

Bloggers: Left = Target Shoes, Vintage Dress, Target Hat, Old Navy Jacket and Right = Everything Normal in 2009

Here's a similar style teal dress in plus sizes.

But what about the cover of Changeless? You may perhaps ask. Well, since the cover model happens to be a friend of mine. And she happens to own Clockwork Couture. And the dress happens to be for sale there in rust. I pulled some strings and asked particularly if she might make it for me in teal as the basis for a steampunk outfit. Of course, I've augmented it with a velvet under drape and bustle and a hat. I plan to add more black lace as well.

At Steamcon in Seattle 2010.


  1. So apart from Changeless what do you read when wearing Teal? Is it mood or cover colour that dictates colour coded reading? You look good in the PP teal outfit. Do you often wear contacts? I have noticed one or two photos without glasses & I prefer you without (coming from someone who would rather chop their arm off than wear contacts). I thought I'd post a comment as your post looked so sad all alone.

  2. Teal really suits your complexion and coloring, I'm glad it worked out for you - and that you got over the 80's version of it.

    I still adore your CC traveling suit!

  3. Awe, thanks Wolfgang. What else to read with teal? Hum. I might go for something like Dawnsong by Sharon Green. The choice is part cover art (to match the outfit) part mood. Teal is a bit romantic to me, so I'd go for Sharon because of the sexy element.

    As to the glasses question, I do prefer to wear them. I came to glasses late in life so I view them as an accessory, and thus appealing. I only go without if I'm wearing a veiled hat, because the two interfere.

    Lady Tesser, thank you for the compliment!

  4. I agree that teal is a very flattering shade on you. Teal is also one of my favorite colors (it might actually *be* my favorite color, but I waver between this shade and turquoise) so a good portion of my wardrobe is made up of teal items. I love that Diesel dress. What a great find!

  5. Oh goodness that 1960's suit with the little pillbox chapeau: perfection!
    I agree, teal is lovely on you, and not a bit of 80's flashback to be found. The cut of the dress is so classic and flattering, and well the bustle dress - total classic (as in 140ish years, ha!).


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