Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Getting Crafty with Gail Carriger: Making a Cute Transport Box

Struggling this morning, Fashionable Reader.

It has been a two tea morning, and look like it might get all the way to three. But you didn't come here to learn ever more of my love affair with tea. You came here for fashion!

Ha, fake out. Well, sort of. We are deviating today into the DIY world. At my recent jaunt to Reno I had an archeology presentation. I wanted to bring teaching samples (bits of ancient pot, a teacup, an ushabti, that kind of thing) not to mention my Power Pointer and the Mac to Video adapter. And I wanted to bring them cute. What better than a polka-dotted box?

The beginnings of the project. A small box filled with ancient objects and computer accessories, some scrap booking paper, clear tape, glue, Velcro, and grosgrain ribbon for a strap. I also ended up using a stapler, scotch tape, and binder clips.

Wrapping the box, used the glue and then binder slips and scotch tape for temporary hold.

Part way through wrapping I added in the ribbon strap, again glue and binder clips.

Finished with the wrapping then I began to wrap the entire thing in the clear tape. The idea is that the tape does most of the work holding everything together and partly waterproofs the box. More the better.

Adding the Velcro. Attached the female to the top of one of the flaps and the male to the bottom of an extra flap I made with the clear tape.

Tape and glue weren't holding strong enough so I stapled the darn Velcro to the tape (in the case of the male) and the box (in the case of the female). It still doesn't hold perfectly, but it's good enough for the few occasions I'll need the box to make an appearance.

The finished product. Bonus feature? The samples can live in here permanently on a shelf AND because they live wrapped in bubble wrap they can also travel in the suitcase this way.

Of course, I'd prefer an American Touristor or the like but this keeps size and weight down for travel and there is a lot to be said for a shoulder strap when one is on the go. Anyway, I'm pretty happy with the end result.


  1. I think you need a Macgyver tag for this. XD

  2. That is very clever! *applauds*

  3. I agree with Ashura. This totally needs a MacGyver tag.

    I wonder what the steampunk version of a MacGyver would be.

  4. At the risk of being thought ignorant - what is a MacGyver tag?

  5. MacGyver was an American show very popular in the 1980s staring Richard Dean Anderson as Angus MacGyver. The character was known for making incredible things like two person airplanes out of whatever was laying around like duct tape, lawn mower engines, and bamboo.


    Whenever you rig up a kludge of some kind that works it's called a MacGyver. Legend has it that the lady who got the role of Dr. Samantha Carter on Stargate SG1 got it by improvising the line "We had to MacGyver it" when auditioning.


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