Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Gail Carriger Reviews Reno WorldCon 2011 Renovation Convention Fashion

And now, for your viewing pleasure, Fashionable Reader, the day-by-day outfit log from Reno. I'll do a breakdown of outfits as soon as more photos start to filter in, and I did miss photographing one dress from the first night, but all-in-all I remembered to pigeon-hole someone to take a full body picture ~ hat to stilettos ~ every time. Of which I am inordinately proud. I have learned that it is best to ask a female to do it (remembers the shoes) or when someone approaches me to photograph for themselves to thrust my camera upon them.

Thursday, Day

Sorry for the blurry. Red dress with white acessories, photographed by Francesca Myman of Locus Magazine with senior editor Liza Trombi photo-bombing me ~ much to general giggles. I like to start out a convention with red, it makes a nice powerful impression. However, the shoes were a mistake, especially without stockings. I had blisters to baby for the rest of the con. Sigh, always go with leather.

Thursday, Evening

Briefly put in an appearance at the Girl Genius ball, mostly to play homage to Phil & Kaja.

Friday, Day

Switched out what I had planned to wear as these are my most comfortable shoes when blisters are in play (yes, better than flats), and because I was going to be interviewed for SF Book Club. Red pattern reads better on film than white knit, particularly on The Rack.

Friday, Evening

For the parties I slipped on my 1940's robe dress. I substituted my favorite sandals for the dark brown 40's style T-straps, again because of the blisters. The dress was a little warm for the parties, but they weren't all that crowded, so it worked out fine.

Saturday, Day

I tend to call this my pea green dress, but we realized that night it was actually wasabi green. I opted for flats, as this was my busiest day, which I really will only do for dresses with full skirts.

Saturday, Evening

This is one of my favorite dresses of all time. It's a little tight over the rack and requires I go (gasp) bra-less, but sometimes a girl's got to sacrifice for such a rich color and amazing cut. I didn't wear this to the Hugos, but I wanted to put my best foot forward on the last night of parties.

Sunday, Day

This is a modern skirt, nice because it's synthetic and doesn't wrinkle. Skirts I can buy modern, it's tops and dresses that never fit me. This one has a faint blue pinstripe. While it is a little boring, I keep it in the closet because it travels so well and has a matched jacket and pants, all of which fit! The knit top is vintage.

Today's secret tip?

As I did in the above outfit, you can fasten your blouse to the waistband of the skirt (from the inside, of course) at the seams of both sides with safety pins. Then you don't have to spend all day tugging and rearranging.


  1. Gorgeous outfits! I particularly like Saturday and Sunday. :)

  2. Love love love love LOVE the mustard dress!!! Fabulous. The Rack looks amazing :)
    I did think of you/this blog today as someone commented on how large my bosom is... *sigh* What's a girl to do? :)

  3. Is that the same green dress you wore to Literary Orange? Because I could've sworn the collar was different. But I could totally be wrong.

    And even though they gave you blisters, I am in love with your white shoes. Okay, the shape and style, not the color. I haven't worn white shoes - except for tennies - since high school. But I'd love a pair shaped like that in black or purple.

    Also, be prepared, I thought of a really long, kooky question for Lord A again. LOL Hey, I had to do *something* with my brain while shopping at WalMart to keep it from turning to mush. Thinking up the question actually kept my mind sharp while buying dog food. But I'll hold off until the next one is posted first.

  4. I love the Thursday outfit, red dress with white accessories. Isn’t red the best color? That green dress looks fabulous on you. The hat is pretty awesome too. And I think that saffron color dress is gorgeous. I also like your steampunk ball gown. You should have worn a monocle on a gold chain though, just for authenticity’s sake!
    Also, I just finished reading the Parasol books for the fourth time. Thank you for writing them!

  5. I LOVE the Saturday evening dress. Amazing color, amazing cut, just amazing! Where in the world did you get such a fabulous dress?!? and the Caplet too! LOVE.

  6. As a glasses gal myself I have to ask, how many pairs do you own? It seems you have a pair to match every outfit :)

  7. Our perception & description of colour is interesting. AshLeigh calls your Saturday evening dress mustard, Aradia calls it Saffron, to me it looks Old Gold. I think it really suits you, although you should have glued your leg back on before you went out for the evening.

  8. Wolfgang, you kill me. Snicker. I like saffron but I end up calling it marigold all the time. It's all so hard to distinguish.

  9. Lindy, I have a lot. I actually really like glasses, so I tend to have fun with them. Let em see: black, brown (tortoise shell), white (with pink back), purple (with pink back), and (yes) orange plaid. I think that's it. I'm contemplating red or cream or gold next.

  10. Wow, could you bring my mom back, too?


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