Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Gail Carriger in a Green Dress at Reno WorldCon 2011

I never considered green one of my colors, but I was never offended by it either. I spent many years violently opposed to pink, yellow, and orange and simply not wearing green. But a few years ago I picked up this green dress.

I tend to call it my Pea Green, but during Reno the boys dragged me to All You Can Eat Sushi at which it was decided it was really Wasabi green.

I can't remember where I got it or how much I paid for it, possibly 23 Skidoo for about $25. For Reno I paired it with cream, and wore it with flats. Again, me and the swingy skirt rule (flats with a full skit, heels with a pencil). And I donned my crochet gloves and cream hat with the magnetic attachment allowing for a blue and green flower.

BP shoes from Nordstrom $70, cream snake textured belt from Target $15, net gloves from Bon Marche Thrift store $2.

In the past I have paired this dress with black. It's amazing how different the dress looks with just a switch in accessories. Here I am at Literary Orange at UC Irvine with the Kollin brothers.

Green, particularly a nice bright green like this, is another one of those colors I would urge you not to be frightened of. There usually is a tone to suit any complexion. It has a lovely cheerfulness about it without being as cheerful as yellow, as aggressive as red, as cutie as pink, or as safe as blue.

Christian Dior 1947 via The Victoria & Albert Museum; 1941 Fashion plate; late 1950s picnic dress; Vogue 1960 cover.

As you can see (above middle) this bright green is sometimes paired with red. I'm not certain I would have the courage to do that. I tend to be rather safe with my accessories and go for neutrals with a bright main, only pairing red accessories with neutral dresses.

Green, it's not just for redheads anymore . . . Joan on madman sports green relatively frequently.

Alexia's version! 1868 via The Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

And now, back to work with me.


  1. I don't know the brothers first names, but the one with a beard and in the tank top is an absolute sweetie. He and I had the best time talking about Sherlock Holmes, Alan Rickman, and Star Trek.

  2. That's Eytan (pronounced A - Taun) and the other is Dani (pronounced Donny). I've know Eytan for a very long time, well before either of us were authors.

  3. Okay, we never officially introduced ourselves. He happened to be walking by when I was talking to another fellow saying how if I had done Sherlock Holmes I would've set it for after Holmes retired to Sussex as a bee keeper and cast Alan Rickman as Holmes. Next thing we're just having a lively talk about Rickman, Galaxy Quest, Holmes, Star Trek, etc.


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